Bonded Nylon Thread

High Quality Bonded Nylon Thread

Description: Bonded thread is divided into two categories: nylon line and polyester line, which are joined by a low melting point thermal fuse in the middle of the twisted yarn, and the inner part of the strand is formed by heating and shaping,Bonded thread of high strength, Bonded thread tough, temperature resistance, the mill has not sewn oddlot, sewing straight… Read More »High Quality Bonded Nylon Thread

bonded nylon thread sizes

Nylon bonded thread Nylon bonded thread is made of 100% nylon 66 nylon bonded thread, adhesive setting, dyeing and oiling winding.  Nylon bonded thread featuresHigh tensile strength, temperature resistance, wear resistance.1、nylon bonded thread is not the bulk of the sewing thread, the needle when the car does not retreat twist, no wrinkles, not loose from the knot and broken;2、Selection of… Read More »bonded nylon thread sizes

Bonded Nylon Thread 138

Process: A 100% nylon 66 filament plied twisted thread, stitching, dyeing, and oiled winding sewing process are used. Features: Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread is not a strand of sewing thread, characterized by high tensile strength, temperature resistance, strong wear resistance. Application: 1, double needle, high-speed computer car selection, easy to solve loose strands, break the problem. 2, special hard special… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread 138

bonded nylon sewing thread 69

Nylon 6 Bonded Sewing Thread Ticket NO. Tex NO. Construction Diameter Breaking Strength Elongation Range Length/N.W 60/3 45 150D/3 0.25 ≥3.1 26~36 1820/100 60/2 45 210D/2 0.24 ≥2.9 26~36 1950/100 40 70 210D/3 0.32 ≥3.8 25~35 1300/100 30 90 280D/3 0.34 ≥5.6 25~35 950/100 20 135 420D/3 0.45 ≥8.8 25~34 650/100 15 210 630D/3 0.5 ≥11.2 24~33 450/100 10 270… Read More »bonded nylon sewing thread 69

66 bonded nylon thread for leather

Nylon 6.6 Bonded Sewing Thread Ticket NO. Tex NO. Construction Diameter Breaking Strength Elongation Range Length/N.W 60 45 210D/2 0.24 ≥3.2 18~26 1950/100 40  70 210D/3 0.32 ≥4.6 20~28 1300/100 30 90 280D/3 0.34 ≥6.1 22~30 950/100  20 135 420D/3 0.45 ≥10.1 25~33 650/100  15 210 630D/3 0.5 ≥14.7 24~34 450/100 10 270 840D/3 0.6 ≥20.7 24~34 320/100 8 350… Read More »66 bonded nylon thread for leather

100D/3 Bonded Nylon Thread

Detail Description of Bonded Nylon Thread Basic Information: Products Name High Tenacity Wholesal Nylon Bonded Thread  Material / Composition 100% Polyester 100% spun polyester with 3% silicone oil,ring-spining Pattern dyed Size 30/2,40/2,50/2,60/2 FOB USD 0.5~0.8 / Piece Color Colorful Usage Cloth Features Low Shrinkage Quality standard Standard CIG quality with best service and package EN,SGS,ROHS   Delivery Information: Port Shanghai… Read More »100D/3 Bonded Nylon Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread for Leather

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:250G/CONE, 60CONES/CARTON, 1KG/KING SPOOL, 24KGS/CARTON, 1.5KG/DYE TUBE, 16DYE TUBE/CARTON Delivery Time:25 DAYS AFTER RECEIVED DEPOSIT Material 100% Nylon 6,Nylon 66 with 3% silicone oil,ring-spining Color Raw White or dyeing more than 800 colors Usage Sewing for household or industrial use Certification ISO9001 Application Leather products, outdoor clothes, etc. Product Characteristic 1. Total quality management to ensure… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread for Leather

138 bonded nylon sewing thread

Bonded nylon sewing thread is made of nylon filament yarn, bonding and shaping, dyeing and oil winding, etc.According to the way of adhesion, it is divided into the inner bonded thread and the outer bonded thread.The bonded thread is a tough sewing thread. It does not twist, wrinkle, knot and break. Process: The Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread is made of 100%… Read More »138 bonded nylon sewing thread

138 bonded nylon sewing thread

nylon thread 1、roduct presentation We are made of 100% nylon monofilament.We produce dyeing integration, low temperature dyeing to ensure that the sewing thread has enough elongation and elasticity.The good elasticity of nylon thread is especially suitable for flexible products such as soft sofa… Bonded Thread is a bonded twisted nylon 66 threads with outstanding strength, extraordinary durability and exceptional resistance… Read More »138 bonded nylon sewing thread

Size #92 Bonded Nylon Thread

Features And Benefits: • High tenacity C.F. nylon 6.6 delivers outstanding tensile strength. • Higher abrasion resistance for extreme stitching applications. • Unique bond chemistry and proprieties ensure consistent bond and prevents ply untwisting or fraying. • Uniquely applied & controlled level of lubrication, thread glides smoothly through needle eye, constant thread tension & balanced stitches. • Bonding protects the… Read More »Size #92 Bonded Nylon Thread