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twisted yarn

FDY Twisted Yarn
AND DTY Twisted Yarn

Twisted Yarn
Twisted Yarn

Twisted Yarn

The Hongfeng twisting yarn series is a process of twisting fibers together, starting from short fibers or continuous filaments, to produce a fine yarn. This is referred to as a “single twist” and is the reason for imparting elasticity and strength to the yarn. To balance the yarn when combining two or more layers or individual threads into a finished product, reverse twisting is applied. Without this reverse twist, the yarn would separate into individual layers during sewing.

Twisting Nylon Yarn
Twisting Nylon Yarn

What are the materials of Hongfeng® twisted yarn?

Polyester FDY
Polyester DTY
Nylon FDY
Nylon DTY
Thermal Fuse
Aramid fiber

Twisting Polyester Yarn
Twisting Polyester Yarn


  • Twist range 60TPM-1800TPM, can twist 30D-4000D products
  • Multi-ply twisting, no stringing, can be used for light yarn weft
  • Fixed length and fixed weight, uniform twist and tension
  • No oil, no lint
  • Independent research and development of qualitative equipment, uniform shaping
  • Products can be developed according to customer samples
Twisting Yarn
Twisting Yarn


Garment fabric warp and weft yarn, curtain fabric, automobile fabric warp and weft yarn, industrial fabric, etc.