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thread for sewing leather

We produce sewing threads for leather for sewing machines or by hand. includes polyester, nylon, waxed threads, and waxed poly braid.
Our high-quality Thread for Leather will satisfy your every desire.

what kind of thread for leather
Bonded polyester thread for sewing leather

What Kind of Thread for Sewing Leather

Leather may pose some difficulties for sewists, because of its thick weight and easily marked surface.

That’s why you should always select the best threads for leather:

Sew leather with bonded nylon thread, polyester thread, waxed thread, artificial sinew, and embroidery thread. Great for machine sewing, hand sewing, and embroidery.

tex 30 bonded nylon thread
bonded nylon thread

Nylon Thread for Sewing Leather

Nylon sewing thread is the most popular thread for sewing leather, particularly the upholstery nylon thread, because nylon thread is strong enough to withstand leather sewing, inexpensive, and easy to sew, and it is even relatively affordable for industrial sewing.

Nylon Thread
Nylon Thread

Therefore, nylon is a go-to choice for thicker fabrics like canvas, vinyl, and leather.

Nylon Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread

Bonded nylon thread, is used for sewing leather.
The fibers are bonded or fused together for added durability because the bonding process it undergoes reduces friction while sewing and keeps the thread from unraveling, and you can use them for machine sewing and hand sewing leather.

Bonded Nylon Thread

Tickets 60 bonded polyester thread
bonded polyester thread

Polyester Thread for Sewing Leather

Polyester looks feels and sews like nylon.

filament polyester thread
filament polyester thread

So polyester sewing thread is a practical alternative for upholstery nylon thread, it is a better choice for anything used outdoors because of its sunlight (UV) and mildew resistance.

Polyester Thread

Bonded Polyester Thread

Another type of polyester sewing thread that is perfect for sewing leather is bonded polyester thread. The fibers are bonded or fused together for added durability, and you can use them for machine sewing and hand sewing leather.

Bonded Polyester Thread

waxed nylon thread
waxed nylon thread

Waxed Thread

Waxed thread is great for hand-sewing wallets, belts, bags, leather accessories, moccasins, shoes, saddlery, and countless other items.

Waxed Thread Waxing makes the thread stronger, stiffer, and more water-repellent. Great for hand sewing; not so good for machine sewing because it leaves a waxy residue.

Why is sewing thread for leather waxed?

By waxing thread, you make the thread stiffer, water-resistant, and more durable.

waxed thread for leather
waxed thread for leather

Braided Sewing Thread

High-quality braided sewing threads for decorative seams, topstitching, and finishing seams. Our yarns have been specially developed to meet the high demands of leather manufacturers. They are suitable for processing a wide range of leather products, such as moccasins and other types of shoes.

Our sewing threads for leather are braided (16-fold thread) and available in many thread strengths.

Waxed leather sewing thread – hand-sewing thread

Braided sewing thread for manual leather processing, especially for decorative seams on all kinds of leather goods. Waxed leather sewing thread is coated with synthetic wax for hand sewing and machine processing of leather products.