dyed yarn

Dyed Yarn

Dyed Yarn
Dyed Yarn

Dyed Yarn

Hongfeng dyed yarn (dyed silk) series is made of environmentally friendly materials, the yarn is soft and lint-free, the dyeing is accurate, uniform, and the color spectrum is complete. It is suitable for uniform badges, high-end trademark weaving, woven labels, lace webbing, garment seaming and other yarn-dyed products.

Dyed Yarn
Dyed Yarn

What are the materials of dyed yarn?

  • Polyester FDY
  • Polyester DTY
  • Nylon FDY
  • Nylon
  • Recycled Environmental Fiber
  • Polyester staple thread
Dyed Yarn
Dyed Yarn


  • Customizable color fastness
  • High color fastness
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Comply with OEKO-TEX 100 environmental certification
  • Color batch variation is small

Standard for colorfastness of dyed yarn

International standardNameDegree of staining
ISO 105 C10Wash  FastnessGrade 4
ISO 105  X12Rub FastnessGrade 4

Colorfastness test of Hongfeng® dyed yarn

International standardSoap solutionTemperatureTimeDegree of staining
ISO 105 C105g/L60℃+/-2℃30MinGrade 4