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Bonded Nylon Thread Size 138 / Tex 135 / Ticket 20 / 420D/3: Top 5 Applications

Filament Thread

Bonded nylon thread is a versatile choice for sewing projects, and understanding its sizing can be key to successful outcomes.

Understanding Bonded Nylon Thread Size

  • Size 138 : Size 138 signifies the diameter or thickness of the bonded nylon thread. A higher size number indicates a thicker thread. Size 138 is a robust thread size, suitable for a wide array of applications, especially those requiring strength and durability.
  • Tex 135 : Tex is a unit of measurement that denotes the linear density of the thread. Tex 135 means that 1,000 meters of this thread weigh 135 grams. It’s an indicator of thread strength. Tex 135 bonded nylon thread is strong and capable of handling heavy-duty sewing tasks.
  • Ticket 20 : Ticket number serves as another method to denote thread size. In this context, Ticket 20 corresponds to Size 138 bonded nylon thread. The ticket system simplifies thread size classification, making it easier for users to select the right thread for their needs.
  • 420D/3 : Denier (D) is another measurement, and 420D in this context refers to the weight in grams of 9,000 meters of thread. The “3” indicates that it is a 3-ply thread. 420D/3 bonded nylon thread is considered heavy-duty, offering exceptional strength and resilience.

Top 5 Applications of Bonded Nylon Thread

  1. Leathercraft : Size 138 bonded nylon thread is an excellent choice for crafting leather goods such as belts, wallets, and bags. Its strength and durability ensure that your leather projects withstand everyday wear and tear.
  2. Outdoor Gear : Outdoor gear, including backpacks, tents, and camping equipment, benefits from the rugged nature of Size 138 bonded nylon thread. It provides the necessary durability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  3. Upholstery : When reupholstering furniture or working on automotive upholstery, Tex 135 bonded nylon thread is the go-to choice. It can handle the demands of heavy fabrics and provide long-lasting seams.
  4. Marine Applications : In the marine industry, where exposure to water and UV rays is constant, 420D/3 bonded nylon thread is a reliable option for sewing boat covers, sails, and other marine canvas applications.
  5. Luggage and Bags : For stitching heavy-duty bags and luggage items that need to endure frequent use and rough handling, Size 138 bonded nylon thread ensures sturdy and resilient seams.
MeasurementSize 138 / Tex 135 / Ticket 20 / 420D/3
Diameter (Size)Robust
Linear Density (Tex)Strong
Ticket NumberVersatile
Denier (D)Heavy-duty
Typical ApplicationsLeathercraft, outdoor gear, upholstery, marine applications, luggage and bags

Choosing the Right Bonded Nylon Thread Size

Selecting the appropriate bonded nylon thread size is crucial for the success of your sewing project. Consider these factors when making your choice:

  • Material Thickness : Thicker materials require thicker thread. Size 138 bonded nylon thread is ideal for heavy fabrics and leather.
  • Project Type : The nature of your project matters. For heavy-duty applications like upholstery and outdoor gear, Tex 135 or Size 138 is recommended.
  • Desired Durability : If durability is a priority, go for a thicker thread like Tex 135 or Size 138. These threads provide enhanced strength and longevity.
  • Needle Size : Ensure that your sewing machine’s needle size is compatible with the chosen thread size. Using the right needle prevents thread breakage and ensures smooth stitching.


Comprehending bonded nylon thread sizing, whether it’s referred to as Size 138, Tex 135, Ticket 20, or 420D/3, is essential for successful sewing endeavors. Each measurement offers valuable insights into the thread’s thickness, strength, and suitability for various applications. By considering your project’s specific needs and the characteristics of the thread, you can confidently choose the right bonded nylon thread size to achieve superior results in your sewing projects.