Why does BEABANG New Fiber’s Foamless Bonded Thread not contain oil?

With the rapid development of the industry, sewing needles are also being updated from one generation to the next. At present, the sewing industry has entered the era of high-speed sewing machines. High-speed sewing machines are characterized by fast sewing speeds and accurate stitch positioning, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing the number of sewing machines. The number of workers.… Read More »Why does BEABANG New Fiber’s Foamless Bonded Thread not contain oil?

Uses of Nylon Thread

Nylon is a general purpose thread designed for applications that require a strong, inexpensive, easy sewing thread with a glossy finish. It is the first choice for upholstery, leatherwork, auto interiors, banners and flags, sports gear, dog collars, horse saddles and tack, knife sheaths, gun holsters, fishing lures, and brief cases. Lighter weight sizes are often used for sewing garments… Read More »Uses of Nylon Thread

How to choose the sewing thread for shoes

Sewing thread is an important auxiliary material for making shoes. Sewing thread plays the role of stitching, connecting, setting and decorating on the side and bottom of all kinds of shoes. The compatibility of sewing thread’s physical and chemical properties, product quality and thread and sewing materials is closely related to the physical quality, appearance, performance, production efficiency and economic… Read More »How to choose the sewing thread for shoes

Bonded sewing thread thickness and its use

Bonded Thread: Bonded Thread is made of high-strength nylon 66 filaments and polyester filaments.Features: strong pull, excellent toughness, waterproof mildew, moderate elasticity, small shrinkage, wear resistance, smooth seams and other more.Uses: leather sewing equipment, wire preparation, car seats, airbags, luggage, handbags, toys, ribbons, tents, parasailing, diving suits, high-end sports shoes and high-grade bedding and other advanced sewing products.Models: 80#, 60#, 40#,… Read More »Bonded sewing thread thickness and its use

Sewing thread classification and characteristics

Classification of sewing threadDivided into raw materials: natural fiber sewing thread, synthetic fiber sewing thread and blended sewing thread.In accordance with the package type is divided into: wood core lines, paper lines, pagoda lines, soft ball lines, twisted tower line. Sewing thread features and application1. The cotton thread is made of ordinary cotton yarn or combed cotton yarn and twisted and… Read More »Sewing thread classification and characteristics