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Bonded Nylon Thread Size 92 / Tex 90 / Tickets 30 / 250D/3 :Top 4 Characteristics AND Applications

Filament Thread

In the world of textiles and sewing, the choice of thread can be as crucial as the choice of fabric. Among the myriad of thread options available, bonded nylon thread size 92, also known as Tex 90 or Tickets 30, is a popular and versatile choice.

Terminology associated with bonded nylon thread size 92

  • Thread Size 92: This refers to the thickness or diameter of the thread. In the case of bonded nylon thread size 92, it is medium in thickness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Tex 90: Tex is a unit of measurement used to determine the linear density of a thread. Tex 90 indicates that the thread has a linear density of 90 grams per 1000 meters. This measurement is particularly useful for comparing threads of different materials and sizes.
  • Tickets 30: Tickets, often used in the United States, is another measurement system for thread size. Tickets 30 indicates that this bonded nylon thread has a size equivalent to 30 cotton threads of the same length.
  • 250D/3: This indicates that the thread is made from three strands of 250 denier nylon fibers. Denier is a measure of the linear mass density of fibers, and in this case, 250D signifies the thickness of the individual strands.

Top 4 Characteristics and Properties of Bonded Nylon Thread

Strength and Durability

Bonded nylon sewing thread size 92 is prized for its exceptional strength and durability. Its high tensile strength makes it suitable for heavy-duty sewing applications, such as upholstery, leatherworking, and outdoor gear production. Whether you’re crafting a rugged backpack or upholstering furniture, this thread can withstand substantial stress without breaking or fraying.

Resistance to Abrasion

Another notable characteristic of bonded nylon thread is its resistance to abrasion. It can endure friction and wear over time without weakening, making it ideal for sewing items that will see frequent use. This attribute is particularly valuable in applications like manufacturing outdoor gear, where the thread may come into contact with rough surfaces.

UV and Chemical Resistance

Bonded nylon thread size 92 exhibits excellent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays and various chemicals. This property ensures that the thread won’t deteriorate or weaken when exposed to sunlight or harsh chemicals, making it suitable for outdoor and marine applications. From boat covers to awnings, it can endure extended exposure to the elements.

Low Stretch

Low stretch is a desirable trait in many sewing projects. Bonded nylon thread maintains its shape and tension, reducing the risk of seams loosening or garments sagging. This property is especially valuable in applications where precise stitching and shape retention are essential, such as in the production of bags, tents, or upholstery.

Top 4 Applications of Bonded Nylon Thread Size 92 / Tex

Upholstery and Furniture : Bonded nylon thread size 92 is a top choice for upholstery and furniture manufacturers. Its combination of strength and abrasion resistance ensures that seams remain intact and fabrics securely attached, even in high-stress areas. Whether you’re reupholstering a couch or creating custom furniture pieces, this thread can handle the job.

Leatherworking : Leatherworking demands a robust thread to withstand the rigors of stitching through thick, tough hides. Bonded nylon thread size 92 excels in leatherworking applications, ensuring that belts, wallets, and leather accessories maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics.

Outdoor Gear: From backpacks to tents, outdoor gear requires a thread that can withstand the harsh conditions of nature. Bonded nylon thread’s resistance to UV rays and chemicals, coupled with its low stretch, make it an excellent choice for crafting durable outdoor equipment that can brave the elements.

Marine and Awning Applications : In marine environments, where exposure to saltwater and sunlight is constant, the durability and resistance of bonded nylon thread shine. It’s commonly used in the creation of boat covers, sails, and awnings, where longevity and reliability are paramount.

Thread ThicknessMedium (Size 92)
Linear Density (Tex)Tex 90
Size Equivalent (Tickets)Tickets 30
Composition3 strands of 250D nylon fibers
StrengthHigh tensile strength
DurabilityExcellent abrasion resistance
UV ResistanceHighly resistant to UV rays
Chemical ResistanceResistant to various chemicals
StretchLow stretch, maintains tension


Bonded nylon thread size 92 (Tex 90, Tickets 30, 250D/3) is a versatile and dependable choice for a wide array of sewing applications. Its exceptional strength, resistance to abrasion, UV and chemical resistance, and low stretch make it a favorite among manufacturers and hobbyists alike. Whether you’re upholstering furniture, crafting leather goods, or producing outdoor gear, this thread can help you achieve professional-level results that stand the test of time.