Polyester Embroidery Thread

What is polyester embroidery thread

Polyester is a very important synthetic fiber in daily life. China’s brand name is “polyester fiber” and it is currently the largest variety of synthetic fiber. Industrially produced polyester fibers are made of polyethylene terephthalate. Polyester properties  Polyester has very good strength, wrinkle resistance and elasticity, and also has excellent electrical insulation, good abrasion resistance and light resistance (after acrylic), and… Read More »What is polyester embroidery thread

75D/2 100% Polyester embroidery thread

BIT 100% polyester filament embroidery thread is made of high-strength, low-shrinkage trilobal shaped polyester long fiber. It’s made of polyester FED yarn, dyed with disperse dyes on 125-135°C degree, has superior lustre, durability and smooth operation at the highest speeds, which have made them a popular choice among embroidery customers seeking performance and durability. It is a machine-made embroidery thread… Read More »75D/2 100% Polyester embroidery thread

Polyester Embroidery Thread Wholesale

Simple Information 120D/2 150D/2 300D/2 100% polyester embroidery thread Using super quality polyester filament yarn as raw material 1. Environment Friendly2. shrinkage<0.95%3. high color fastness 4. raw material:use super quality polyester filament yarn 5.Colors Range:over 2000 colors  Color Fastness:≥4.5degrees (have Testing and certification ) 6.Weight of per Cone (grams):100~280 grams (we can make to your order) 7.This product is very lustrous,radiant and… Read More »Polyester Embroidery Thread Wholesale

Red 5000m 108D/2 100% Polyester embroidery thread

Parameter: Using high-strength, low-shrinkage trilobal shaped polyester filament as raw material, it is a machine-use embroidery thread processed by proprietary technology. It is especially suitable for high-speed computerized embroidery machines. Has passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 strict first-level certification, suitable for all infant products, and passed the hazardous substance test standards, and the color fastness to soaping and rubbing have… Read More »Red 5000m 108D/2 100% Polyester embroidery thread

Polyester embroidery thread 120D/2

Parameter: Description : Embroidery thread Type : 108D/2…, more type need customize Material : 100% polyester Pattern : filament Color : color, more color see color card… Process : Eco-friendly Place of origin : Haian city, Jiangsu province, China Transaction type : FOB, CIF Delivery time : 13 days after confirm order Payment type : 30% deposit ,balance before shipment… Read More »Polyester embroidery thread 120D/2

100g 4000y 100% Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread

Description : For embroidery on clothing or accessories which are subject to wear-and -tear or frequent laundry, like caps, headwear, bags and accessories, team logo on sportswear, home textiles and children’s wear and sportswear, decorative seams on lingerie, children’s wear and sportswear. Basic Info : Model NO.: polyester thread Color: Various Colors for Choice Yarn Type: Filament Technics: Mercerized Weight… Read More »100g 4000y 100% Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread

Features Of Polyester Embroidery Thread

Description : The characteristic of polyester embroidery thread is that it can withstand chemicals and wash clothes frequently to reduce the fading and discoloration of clothes. Therefore, many hotel uniforms, some stone-ground blue jeans, sportswear or some children’s clothing are made of polyester yarn . In general, polyester embroidery thread is tougher and stronger than rayon embroidery thread. When performing… Read More »Features Of Polyester Embroidery Thread