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What is polyester embroidery thread

Polyester is a very important synthetic fiber in daily life. China’s brand name is “polyester fiber” and it is currently the largest variety of synthetic fiber. Industrially produced polyester fibers are made of polyethylene terephthalate. Polyester properties

 Polyester has very good strength, wrinkle resistance, and elasticity, and also has excellent electrical insulation, good abrasion resistance, and light resistance (after acrylic), and it has good properties of mildew resistance compared to rayon. Chemically resistant to weak acids and weak bases. However, the dyeing performance of polyester is poor, and the color fastness is very good. Under ordinary circumstances, it is required to dye with dispersed fuel at a high temperature or in the presence of a carrier. The use of polyester Polyester’s excellent properties can be well applied to textiles and garments and industrial products. Its use is very extensive. It can not only be purely woven but also blended with cotton, silk, linen, wool, and other natural fibers, and some other chemical fibers. In the field of clothing, it is very good to use polyester to make men’s and women’s shirts, outerwear, carpets, and decorative fabrics. Polyester embroidery thread Polyester embroidery threads can withstand chemical substances and often wash clothes and can reduce the fading of clothes. Therefore, the hotel’s uniform or some blue-sand jeans and sportswear will be made of polyester thread. In general, polyester embroidery thread has higher strength and better toughness than rayon embroidery thread. When using polyester embroidered thread for mechanical repair, it can withstand higher mechanical tension, which can make the embroidery machine run faster and have higher production efficiency. Polyester embroidered yarns are also very fire-resistant, and their proximity to the flame will only cause shrinkage and will not catch fire. However, the stability of the polyester embroidery thread is not as good as that of rayon embroidery thread, because its composition is a polyester fiber thread and it will be more flexible. We can do a trial to decompose and stretch the two polyester embroidered threads and rayon embroidery threads. After release, we can see that the rayon will not shrink significantly, but the polyester thread will recover to its original length. This causes the creation of flower wrinkles, so the tension on the line needs to be more precise.