Bonded Thread

How did Bonded Thread come about?

The first step: spinning – the commonly used sewing thread is a chemical fiber product, which is made from polyester fiber chips into different original white monofilaments. The sewing thread is commonly used 150D, 210D, 250D, 280D, 420D, 630D. , 840D.The second step: the twist line – the process of twisting the line is to put the monofilament into a… Read More »How did Bonded Thread come about?

Raw white thread bonded polyester

Description: This thread is bonded by the resin and finished by special lubricant and heat-setting. Our bonded polyester thread remains unbroken, and plies stay together not split. Features: 1.Suits for Twin-needles machine, high-speed computer machine, no disperse, break 2.Extremly thick & ultrahard fabric, best choice for sewing Trolley case, luggage,automobile safe belt,air bar 3.Top brand & high-class leather goods, sofa,… Read More »Raw white thread bonded polyester

High Strength Bonded Thread

High-strength bonded thread High-strength bonded thread with 100% polyester bonded filament twisted yarn, bonding stereotypes, dyeing and oiling process, such as the sewing process.In accordance with the different ways of bonding, divided into the state and the Nepal Bondi Di Di and foreign Nepal Di line two categories.Inner state: through a special process of bonding yarn directly when the internal… Read More »High Strength Bonded Thread

Steering Wheel Stitching Thread

Features: ● The Steering Wheel Stitching Thread is preferred at home and abroad top grade raw materials, the thread quality is soft, the sewing strength is high, and the elasticity is good; ● It is lubricated with imported oil and has excellent light and abrasion resistance. ●Establish heat by stretching to improve physical properties; ● Steering Wheel Stitching Thread supply… Read More »Steering Wheel Stitching Thread

210D/3 -12 Bonded Nylon Thread

100 nylon 210D/ 3 Bonded thread for automotive It is raw material, used for processing to dyed high tenacity polyester filament thread which is the best choice for the knitting and sewing of classical suits, high quality garments, leather&bag, luggage, footwear, upholstered furniture,sporting goods, quiltings, binding, safety yarns, etc. 175D/3 High tenacity sewing thread for kite flying 1. Material: 100%… Read More »210D/3 -12 Bonded Nylon Thread

Size #92 Bonded Nylon Thread

Features And Benefits: • High tenacity C.F. nylon 6.6 delivers outstanding tensile strength. • Higher abrasion resistance for extreme stitching applications. • Unique bond chemistry and proprieties ensure consistent bond and prevents ply untwisting or fraying. • Uniquely applied & controlled level of lubrication, thread glides smoothly through needle eye, constant thread tension & balanced stitches. • Bonding protects the… Read More »Size #92 Bonded Nylon Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread 40

Features:  Super sewability,Acid-proof, Alkali-proof,High tenacity,Light weight,Abrasion resistance,  Low thermal conductivity,Resistance to seawater corrosion,Non-hygroscopic etc…  Light weight thread ideal for women’s and children’s footwear, handbags,orthopedic  devices and leather articles  High tensile strength and elasticity  Excellent abrasion resistance  Excellent Resistance to chemical, bacteria, mildew and abrasion  Anti-UV,AZO-Free  Superior seam strength and amazing recovery propertiesFlat, Ribbon like cross-section  delivers low seam profile  Available in natural,… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread 40

Bonded Nylon Thread Size 46 / Tex 45 /

Specifications Description Specialization Count Cone weight bonded nylon thread  210D/2 60 1 KGS/CONE 210D/3 40 280D/3 30 420D/3 20 630D/3 13 840D/3 10 1050D/3 8 Features And Benefits: Excellent Resistance to chemical, bacteria, mildew and abrasionanti-UV,AZO-Free Superior seam strength and amazing recovery properties Flat, Ribbon like cross-section delivers low seam profile Superior Sewability Available in natural, white, black and colors… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread Size 46 / Tex 45 /

2019 Bonded nylon thread

Description: Poly-amide 6.6 synthetic fiber, popular name nylon 6.6 or 6 synthetic fiber, through special process to bonded inside white twisting the yarm, them sticking and finalize all fiber together like one, while sewing, the bonded thread does not dis-entwine, not cottony, high resistance to abrasion. The sewing effect is very wonderful due to the advantage of nylon material and… Read More »2019 Bonded nylon thread