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Sewing Thread for Sofa and Stretch Fabric – Filament Thread

All kinds of fabric sofas and leather sofas need to use reliable sewing thread to sew sofa covers. The fabrics used for sofas are generally very thick, so the strength and tension requirements of the sewing threads used to sew sofa covers are obviously higher than those of ordinary clothing sewing threads. Read More: Sewing Thread Wikipedia

When choosing sewing thread for sofas and stretch fabrics, the elongation of the sewing thread must be considered.

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How to choosing the right filament sewing thread for sofa and stretch fabric

Best Thread For Upholstery Sewing
Upholstery Sewing

Because the sofa leather is wrapped with a soft sponge, when a person sits on it, the sofa will sag by 5-15 centimeters depending on the hardness of the sofa sponge, so the sewing machine of the sofa must bear huge pressure.

According to the use requirements of the sofa, the threads used to make sofas are mostly Bondi threads, and mainly synthetic fiber materials such as nylon Bondi threads and polyester Bondi threads. No problems with lint or loose strands, and it’s easy to clean.

The elongation of polyester sewing thread is 6-10%; the elongation of nylon sewing thread is 21-30%; the sofa sewn with polyester sewing thread seems to have no problem with the new sofa, but in the process of customer use, Due to insufficient elongation, the leather seams are prone to hard breaks during repeated sitting. Therefore, to solve the problem of sewing thread for soft sofas, we must first choose nylon sewing thread with good elasticity, so that when people can sit comfortably on it, the sewing thread with enough elasticity will stretch or retract accordingly with the change of pressure. Achieve the best sewing effect of soft sofa!

If the sofa does not have high requirements on the comprehensive performance of the thread itself, besides the Bondi thread, polyester thread can also be used directly.

We recommend 420D/3, 500D/2 Nylon Sewing Thread or Bondi Nylon Thread. According to the nature and function of the product, other types of high-strength polyester threads can also be selected, such as 150D/3, 250D/3, etc. Read More: High Strength Sewing Thread – Best Heavy Duty Thread