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Sewing Thread & Clothing

polyester thread for sewing machine

With the vigorous development of the garment industry, the sewing thread industry is also booming. The quality of sewing thread is closely related to the appearance, quality, production efficiency, sales and service life of garment sewing.

The role of sewing thread and clothing

Sewing thread plays the role of sewing garment parts and connecting various parts in clothing, and can also play a certain role in decoration and beautification. Whether it is bright sewing thread or hidden sewing thread, it is an integral part of the overall style of clothing.

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The quality and physical and chemical properties of sewing thread will directly affect the durability and appearance of clothing. Therefore, while focusing on the development of clothing production, the development of sewing thread production should not be ignored. Broken sewing threads not only affect production efficiency, but also affect the sewing quality of garments. The appearance of the stitches is not beautiful, and there are many sewing thread ends. The reason is that apart from the operation level, the breaking of the sewing thread is the key. In addition to mechanical factors, sewing thread breakage is mainly due to the quality of the sewing thread. In terms of tension and fatigue resistance, the sewing thread should be able to withstand repeated impacts of a considerable load, otherwise it is easy to break. The uniformity and uneven strength of the sewing thread, uneven and improper twist, loss during cooking, bleaching and dyeing, too many sewing thread joints, poor forming, etc., will cause the sewing thread to break, the sewing thread to jump, and the strength of the seam to drop. The color fastness is not good, and it will seriously affect the appearance of the clothing after being put into the water. The influence of color and color difference on the clothing cannot be ignored.

Three reasons for the poor quality of sewing thread

  • The variety is not complete. There are not many yarn counts, chemical fiber varieties and coefficients, and non-cotton raw materials such as silk threads are even more scarce.
  • The quality is not high enough. The raw materials of pure cotton and blended yarns are ordinary weaving yarns, which are even and strong, and the joints cannot meet the requirements of clothing production. Chemical fibers lack high-temperature resistant and high-temperature low-elongation products.
  • The factory buildings and process equipment in the thread manufacturing industry are outdated and the management is backward. For example, most of them are old-fashioned dyeing equipment and forming equipment, and there is almost no new development, which affects the quality of sutures.Read More: High Strength Sewing Thread – Best Heavy Duty Thread

Improvement measures

Improve the management level and strengthen technical transformation. The sewing thread produced adopts a new type of dyeing and oiling equipment. Pay attention to the tension control of each process and reduce the breakage, so as to ensure that the suture has sufficient strength and elasticity during sewing, and the seam strength is ensured. The sewing effect provides a strong service guarantee for the development of modern clothing. Read More: Sewing Thread Wikipedia