Can polyester filament thread be used to sew tents?

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what kind of thread for leather

The vast majority of tents are made out of man-made fabrics, either polyester or nylon based. For family tents, you will typically find Polyester. Nylon is used for lightweight backpacking tents. So the answer is: yes;

Polyester filament

Polyester filament is a filament with a length of more than one kilometer, and the filament is wound into a ball.


  • Polyester filament is divided into three types: POY, DTY, and FDY.
  • DTY – Draw texturing yarn, the fibers are crimped.
  • POY and FDY fibers are straight, and the strength of FDY is better than that of POY.
  • The production cost of FDY is low, and the quality of the finished product is stable, the yarn breakage is less, and the dyeing uniformity is good.

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Polyester filament thread

Polyester filament thread is known for its strength, durability, and low shrinkage and stretch. It’s the most common thread for outdoor applications. Compared to nylon thread, polyester thread has superior resistance to UV rays and moisture, but much of its strength is lost after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

thread for sewing leather
thread for sewing leather


  • High strength, good heat resistance, elasticity, wear resistance, low moisture regains, and good insulation performance. Poor staining.
  • Polyester filament thread has a wide range of applications, mainly divided into civil and industrial use:
  • Polyester is used as a clothing fiber, and its fabrics are wrinkle-free and iron-free after washing. Polyester is often blended or interwoven with various fibers, such as cotton polyester, wool polyester, etc., and is widely used in various clothing and decorative materials.
  • Polyester can be used for conveyor belts, tents, canvas, cables, fishing nets, etc. in industry, especially polyester cords used for tires, which are close to nylon in performance.
  • Polyester can also be used for electrical insulating materials, acid-resistant filter cloth, medical industrial cloth, etc. Synthetic fibers have been widely used in various fields of the national economy due to their high strength, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, light weight, warmth, good electrical insulation, and no fear of mildew.

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