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What kind of sewing thread will be more durable for denim?

Poly Poly Core Spun Thread

Among the many clothing fabrics, denim fabric should be considered the most durable. But there is still bad quality denim clothing on the market, why? In fact, it is not because some denim fabrics are of poor quality, but because of the poor quality of the sewing thread they use, which will lead to a greatly reduced quality of the entire denim jacket and jeans. Read More: Denim Wikipedia

So what kind of sewing thread will be more durable and comfortable for denim? Please read on.

The functionality of sewing thread is very important

Generally speaking, the production of denim clothing involves special materials and processes, and has a certain degree of professionalism. Therefore, the quality requirements of the sewing thread for denim clothing are also higher. It needs to have good wear resistance, color fastness, and be able to withstand Wash and bleach, otherwise it is easy to have quality problems such as thread breakage, fluff, knotting, and fading. A product with good abrasion resistance, seam strength and machine operability, suitable for the production of denim garments, meeting strict sewing and washing process requirements, is a very good choice.

Choose a sewing thread specifically for denim

Perhaps in the cognition of many people, “sewing thread” is similar, but in fact, the sewing thread used for different clothes is different, the more “exquisite” the higher the quality of the product, so While paying attention to the function of sewing thread, we should also choose a sewing thread that is more suitable for this type of clothing.

Poly Poly Core Spun Thread
Core Spun Thread

For example, a high-quality core-spun thread specially suitable for denim clothing has high strength, high durability, and excellent washing performance, and is an ideal fabric for the production of denim clothing.

There is also a special one for high-elastic denim clothing with good extensibility. It is made of PBT (thermoplastic polyester), resistant to washing water, bleaching, and high color fastness. It will be the best for sewing high-elastic denim clothing. choose.

It also needs to cooperate with excellent sewing technology

Professional sewing technology is also the key to assisting denim sewing. If the sewing technology is not in place, the seam may break, which not only increases the difficulty of sewing, but also reduces the quality of the product. A good brand can not only provide high-quality and comprehensive sewing threads, but also provide the most professional sewing technology, which greatly improves quality and efficiency. A dedicated solution will be given.

Five models of sewing threads suitable for denim fabrics

Model 1: Polyester-polyester core-spun sewing thread

The appearance of polyester-polyester core-spun sewing thread is the same as that of ordinary staple fiber sewing thread, but there is a polyester high-strength yarn inside, so the tension is very good, and the shrinkage rate is very high after high temperature ironing Small, so it is widely used by foreign denim brands. More and more designers of domestic famous brand enterprises are using polyester cored thread as denim thread to distinguish it from ordinary denim clothing.

Model 2: Cotton-coated polyester core-spun thread

Cotton-coated polyester core-spun sewing thread is also the same as ordinary cotton thread in appearance, but there is polyester filament core-spun inside, so it meets the world’s environmental protection requirements of low-carbon appearance, cotton core-spun The thread is dyed twice, so it is a test for the sewing thread factory.

Model 3: High-strength filament sewing thread

High-strength filament sewing thread has low shrinkage, and is soft and will not harm human skin.

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Model 4: Multi-strand gold and silver filament sewing thread

Multi-strand gold and silver filament sewing thread: This variety is made by plying single strands of gold and silver filaments. This thread is suitable for embroidery and sewing. No loose strands, no threads, no fading, washable. In addition to the function of sewing, it also has metallic luster and aesthetic feeling. It is a fine-quality denim thread, 2 strands, 3 strands, 4 strands, 6 strands, 8 strands, 9 strands, 12 strands, 16 strands, 24 strands, etc. specifications, there are more than 100 colors.

Type 5: Pure Cotton Sewing Thread and Indigo Sewing Thread

Cotton sewing thread is made of Egyptian cotton and can be sewn on a needle machine. Indigo sewing thread is made of pure cotton or cotton cored thread. The thin thread of indigo thread can be used for embroidery, and the thick thread can be used for sewing.

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