Fishing Twine

Transparent Nylon 6 Fishing Twine

Fishing Thread Fishing Twine Process: Polyester Nylon is made from silk and shaped. It is divided into nylon 6 and nylon 66. It can also be dyed. Features: Single, transparent, waterproof, and dirt-repellent are the most important characteristics of the fishing line, good adhesion, high strength, and excellent quality Application: In addition to being used on woven fishing nets, fishing… Read More »Transparent Nylon 6 Fishing Twine

210D/18PLY 100% Nylon 6 Fishing Twine

Fishing Thread Fishing Twine Nylon Fishing Twine (Packet Twine) 3.5LB/24 Hanks/Bundle, White/Blue colour Packing: in p.p.Bales, 7800 Bundles/1×20′ FCL 210D/2PLY,3PLY,6PLY,9PLY,12PLY,15PLY,18PLY,21PLY,24PLY,27PLY,30PLY,36PLY,45PLY,60PLY,75PLY,90PLY,120PLY,150PLY  Nylon Fishing Twine (Spools) 1/2 LB or 250 Grm/Spool, 4″or 6″ Tube, All Colors Packing: 100 Spools/CTN, 570CTNS/1×20′ FCL 210D/2PLY,3PLY,6PLY,9PLY,12PLY,15PLY,18PLY,21PLY,24PLY,27PLY,30PLY,36PLY,45PLY,60PLY,75PLY,90PLY,120PLY,150PLY  Nylon Fishing Twine (Spools) 100g/spool, 4″ Tube, All Colors (East Africa Market) 210D/2PLY,3PLY,6PLY,9PLY,12PLY,15PLY,18PLY,21PLY,24PLY,27PLY,30PLY,36PLY,45PLY,60PLY,75PLY,90PLY,120PLY,150PLY  Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Details100G/SPOOL TO 1000G/SPOOL, CARTON PACKING Nylon Fishing Twine

fishing twine

Specification Product Name fishing nylon twine Material Polyester, Nylon Type Multifilament Twine Specification 210D/36PLY…… Height 4″6″8″10″…… Weight 50g/spool-2500g/spool Color Any color depend on customers’ demands Features ·Acid-proof, Alkali-proof ·High tenacity ·Light weight ·Abrasion resistance ·Low thermal conductivity ·Resistance to seawater corrosion ·Non-hygroscopic etc… Main Usage 1.) Weaving nets 2.) FIBC Sewing 3.) Crafts Knitting 4.)Bundle belay etc… Packing pp bags or carton… Read More »fishing twine

280D/6 Fishing Twine

Description: A strong string made of two or more strands of nylon filaments twisted together, designed for activities in fishing industry requiring water immersion. The nylon twine comes in a wide range of sizes and strengths which make it the most economical tying twine available. Application: Weaving or mending fishing nets, Camping & recreational boating rope, etc.Main Sizes Available: Features… Read More »280D/6 Fishing Twine