Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread

66 bonded nylon thread for leather

Nylon 6.6 Bonded Sewing Thread Ticket NO. Tex NO. Construction Diameter Breaking Strength Elongation Range Length/N.W 60 45 210D/2 0.24 ≥3.2 18~26 1950/100 40  70 210D/3 0.32 ≥4.6 20~28 1300/100 30 90 280D/3 0.34 ≥6.1 22~30 950/100  20 135 420D/3 0.45 ≥10.1 25~33 650/100  15 210 630D/3 0.5 ≥14.7 24~34 450/100 10 270 840D/3 0.6 ≥20.7 24~34 320/100 8 350… Read More »66 bonded nylon thread for leather

Bonded Nylon Thread Size 138

Description Multifilament bonded Sewing theread, raw and color: 210D/2, 250D/3, 500D/3, 1000D/3, 1500D/3.Spun Polyester sewing thread, 40/2, 40/3, 20/2, 20/3, 20s/6, 20s/9, 20s/4*3 Using for sewing shoes, cloth, bags and so on. Details: 1) Quality :Have a perfect quality control system,to produce products that customers need. 2) Sample lead time : If any samples in stock,can be delivery right now,if… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread Size 138

Bonded Nylon Thread 92

FAQ Q1. Can I get any discount? A1:The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to your order quantity. If you are buying in bulk for an occasion, We offer you wholesale price. We also have promotions several times a year. Q2. Chow much are the shipping costs? A2:Shipping cost is charged by the package’s weight and related… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread 92

Bonded Nylon Thread 46

Specifications 1.Product :Nylon 66 Bonded Sewing Thread 2.Spec:TEX50(210D/2) TEX70(210D/3) ..TEX270(840D/3) ETC 3.bonded twisted nylon66 4.500M or yards-5000M or yards per spool 1.Product name: Nylon 66 Bonded Sewing Thread 2.Spec:TEX50,TEX70,TEX90,TEX135,TEX210,TEX270 or 210D/2 210D/3 280D/3,420D/3,630D/3,840D/3 3.Color:raw white,white,black,color 4.Material:bonded twisted nylon 66 thread with outstanding strength,extraordinary durability and exceptional resistance to mildew,rot and abrasion 5.Delivery time:30days 6.Payment:TT L/C Application 1)athletic and general footwear… Read More »Bonded Nylon Thread 46