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Polyester Filament Thread – Size 92 Tex 92

Choosing the Right Sewing Thread for Your Project

Polyester Filament Thread – Size 92 Tex 92 is a high-quality sewing thread made from strong and durable polyester filaments. It is known for its high tensile strength, excellent color fastness, and resistance to abrasion.

Recommended Needle Size

V 92 Tex 92 Polyester Filament Thread
V 92 Tex 92 Polyester Filament Thread, Bonded Swing Thread

The recommended needle size range is from 110/18 to 125/20. Using a needle within this range will ensure the best match between the thread and the fabric, resulting in optimal sewing performance.


Polyester Filament Thread – Size 92 Tex 92 is ideal for use in heavy-duty applications, including sewing leather, upholstery, and canvas fabrics. It is commonly used in the production of footwear, furniture, and outdoor gear.


Polyester Filament Thread – Size 92 Tex 92 has many benefits. First, its strong and durable fibers make it ideal for heavy-duty projects that require long-lasting results. Second, its excellent color fastness ensures that the thread will retain its color even after repeated washing and exposure to sunlight. Finally, its resistance to abrasion makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.


The following table outlines the main properties of Polyester Filament Thread – Size 92 Tex 92:

Thread TypePolyester Filament Thread
Tex Size92
Average StrengthPounds: 14.8
Kilograms: 6.7
Average ThicknessInches: 0.0091
Millimeters: 0.2315
Recommended Needle Size110/18 to 125/20

These properties make Polyester Filament Thread – Size 92 Tex 92 a highly reliable and versatile sewing thread for demanding projects. It produces even and precise stitching, has high strength, and can withstand normal wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for both professional and hobbyist sewers.

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About V92 Tex 92 Polyester Filament Thread

V92 Tex 92 Polyester Filament Thread and Bonded Sewing Thread are both types of threads commonly used in various sewing applications.

V92 refers to the thread size according to the commercial sizing system, where the “V” denotes the sizing category. V92 indicates a relatively thick and strong thread suitable for heavy-duty sewing projects.

Tex 92, on the other hand, refers to the thread’s tex size. Tex is a unit of measurement that represents the weight in grams of 1,000 meters of thread. Tex 92 indicates a medium to heavy-weight thread.

Polyester filament thread is made from continuous polyester fibers and offers excellent strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. It is commonly used for sewing applications that require strong and long-lasting seams.

Bonded sewing thread refers to a type of thread that has been coated or treated with a bonding agent. This treatment helps to improve the thread’s strength, reduce fraying, and enhance its sewability. Bonded thread is often used in applications where extra strength and resistance to unraveling are required, such as in upholstery, leatherwork, and outdoor gear.

Both V92 Tex 92 Polyester Filament Thread and Bonded Sewing Thread are suitable for heavy-duty sewing projects and can provide reliable and durable seams. The choice between them depends on specific requirements, preferences, and the nature of the sewing project.

What weight is v92 thread?

V92 thread refers to a specific size of thread commonly used in sewing and other applications. The “V” in V92 stands for “V-ticket,” which is a standard thread size classification. The weight of V92 thread can be described in terms of its Tex measurement.

Tex is a unit of measurement for thread weight. It represents the weight in grams of 1,000 meters of thread. In the case of V92 thread, the Tex measurement is typically around 92.

To provide a general comparison, V92 thread is considered a medium-weight thread. It is thicker and stronger than lightweight threads like V69 or V46 but not as heavy as threads like V138 or V207.

It’s important to note that thread weight can vary slightly between manufacturers, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the specific product information provided by the manufacturer for the most accurate weight measurement.

What size needle for 92 bonded polyester thread?

For bonded polyester thread, such as V92 Tex 92, it is recommended to use a needle size that matches the thread thickness and the fabric you are sewing. Generally, a needle size between 16 and 18 is suitable for V92 bonded polyester thread.

The specific needle size will depend on factors such as the fabric weight and type. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For medium-weight fabrics like cotton or polyester blends, a needle size 16 or 18 (European size 100 or 110) is commonly used.
  • For heavier fabrics like denim or canvas, you may opt for a needle size 18 (European size 110) or even a size 20 (European size 125) for thicker materials.
  • If you are working with lightweight fabrics, you may want to choose a smaller needle size, such as 14 (European size 90), to avoid creating large holes in the fabric.

Remember to always test the needle and thread combination on a scrap piece of fabric before starting your project to ensure proper stitch formation and avoid any potential issues.