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Polyester Filament Thread – Size 16 Tex 15

Polyester Filament Thread – Size 16 Tex 15 is a high-quality sewing thread made from high-quality polyester fibers. It is known for its high tensile strength, durability, and excellent color fastness.

Recommended Needle Size

The recommended needle size range is from 70/10 to 80/12. Using a needle within this range will ensure the best match between the thread and the fabric, resulting in optimal sewing performance.


Polyester Filament Thread – Size 16 Tex 15 is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including sewing light to medium-weight fabrics, such as silk, cotton, and blends. It is commonly used in the production of garments, household textiles, and accessories.


Polyester Filament Thread – Size 16 Tex 15 has many benefits. First, its high strength and durability make it ideal for sewing projects that require long-lasting results. Second, its excellent color fastness ensures that the thread will retain its color even after repeated washing. Finally, it has a low shrinkage rate, making it suitable for use in high-temperature washing and drying cycles.


The following table outlines the main properties of Polyester Filament Thread – Size 16 Tex 15:

Thread TypePolyester Filament Thread
Tex Size15
Average StrengthPounds: 1.8
Kilograms: 0.8
Average ThicknessInches: 0.0038
Millimeters: 0.0965
Recommended Needle Size70/10 to 80/12

These properties make Polyester Filament Thread – Size 16 Tex 15 a highly versatile and reliable sewing thread for a variety of projects. It produces even and precise stitching and can withstand normal wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for both professional and hobbyist sewers.