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Nylon Filament Sewing Thread – SIZE 69 / TEX 70

Nylon Filament Thread – Size 69 Tex 70 is a high-quality sewing thread that is commonly used for light industrial sewing and general sewing projects. It is made from high-strength nylon fibers and durable coating materials, and can provide even and precise stitching on a variety of fabrics.

Recommended Needle Size

Size 69 Tex 70 Nylon Filament Thread
Size 69 Tex 70 Nylon Filament Thread

The recommended needle size range is from 100/16 to 110/18. Using a needle within this range will ensure proper matching between the thread and fabric, resulting in optimal sewing performance.


Nylon Filament Thread – Size 69 Tex 70 is commonly used in a variety of sewing projects, such as clothing, footwear, packaging, furniture, and automotive upholstery.

In the textile manufacturing industry, using this thread for stitching has many advantages, such as the ability to sew heavier fabrics and excellent chemical and heat resistance. This thread size is also commonly used in outdoor equipment manufacturing, such as tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags.


Nylon Filament Thread – Size 69 Tex 70 has many benefits. First, its high strength allows it to be used under heavy load conditions, avoiding problems with thread breakage or damage. Second, its coating density is high, which makes the thread surface smoother, more wear-resistant, and more durable. Finally, this type of thread can maintain stable performance even at high-speed sewing, and is not easily twisted or slackened.


The following are the main properties of Nylon Filament Thread – Size 69 Tex 70:

Thread TypeNylon Filament Thread
Tex Size70
Average StrengthPounds: 21.0
Kilograms: 9.52
Average ThicknessInches: 0.0145
Millimeters: 0.3683
Recommended Needle Size100/16 to 110/18

These properties make it a high-quality, high-strength, and high-wear resistance sewing thread, suitable for various industrial and general sewing projects.

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About Size 69 Tex 70 Nylon Filament Thread

Nylon filament sewing thread in size 69 and with a tex value of 70 is a versatile thread commonly used in a variety of sewing applications.

The size 69 indicates that the thread is of medium thickness, making it suitable for a wide range of sewing projects. It is commonly used for sewing lightweight to medium-weight fabrics such as cotton, polyester, silk, and blends. This thread size is often preferred for general sewing, quilting, garment construction, and home decor projects.

The tex value of 70 represents the weight of the thread in grams per 1,000 meters. A tex 70 thread is considered a medium-weight thread, offering a good balance between strength and flexibility. It provides sufficient strength for most sewing applications without being too heavy or bulky.

Nylon filament sewing thread is known for its durability and excellent tensile strength. It can withstand moderate levels of tension without breaking or fraying, ensuring reliable and long-lasting stitches. Nylon thread is also resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for sewing tasks that involve friction or frequent use.

Nylon filament thread is known for its excellent resistance to UV rays, moisture, chemicals, and mildew. This ensures that the stitches made with this thread remain intact and maintain their integrity even in challenging conditions or outdoor applications.

When using size 69 / tex 70 nylon filament sewing thread, it is recommended to use a compatible needle size suitable for the fabric and adjust the tension on your sewing machine accordingly. This will ensure smooth stitching and optimal thread performance.

In summary, nylon filament sewing thread in size 69 / tex 70 is a versatile thread suitable for a variety of sewing projects. It offers a good balance of strength, flexibility, and durability, making it an excellent choice for general sewing tasks and lightweight to medium-weight fabrics.