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What is polyester Bondi thread? What are the differences between inner Bondi thread and outer Bondi thread?

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Polyester Bondi yarn is made of high-quality polyester filament fiber raw materials that are temperature-resistant and wear-resistant. The strands are bonded together through a special process. With a special lubricating formula of line oil, all strands of yarn are bonded together. Bonded together without unraveling strands of Bondi sewing thread.

The polyester Bondi thread can achieve the purpose of preventing the thread from falling apart and lint-free during the sewing process. Compared with other types of Filament sewing thread, the polyester Bondi thread has the advantages of high tensile strength, low elasticity, no expansion and contraction, and smooth seams.

Advantages and features of using polyester Bondi thread

  • When the polyester Bondi thread is passed through the sewing machine, it has the advantages of no untwisting, no wrinkles, no loose strands and knots, and no threading;
  • Introducing the concept of a single strand, the combined force of a single strand passing through the eye of the needle is the advantage of Bondi thread. The Bondi thread does not fall apart because it is internally bonded together when passing through the eye of the needle, so it does not untwist, wrinkle or fall apart. , so the probability of disconnection is reduced!
  • Using polyester Bondi thread can easily solve the problems of double needle and high-speed computer threading;
  • The application of polyester Bondi thread in the process of sewing fabrics has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no stretching, no discoloration, no threads, and no lint.

What are the differences between polyester inner Bondi thread and polyester outer Bondi thread?

  • Foreign Bondi thread: It has the advantages of tougher thread quality and wear resistance. However, because the foreign Bondi thread is glued after dyeing, the color changes greatly after gluing, and it is often difficult to grasp the color accuracy. When the foreign Bondi thread passes through the needle eye, some of the Bondi glue will fall off, and it is relatively It spreads easily, which is its disadvantage.
  • Inner Bondi thread: The thread quality is relatively soft and has better sewing performance. Since the dyeing process is carried out after the Bondi is made, the color will not vary and it is easy to control the color accuracy. The inner bonding wire has a thermal fuse added inside. After heating and shaping, the thermal fuse melts and sticks the wire, thus simplifying the entire bonding process and making the bonding process stable and easy. It is suitable for mass production and is the mainstream Bondi thread technology currently used in sewing thread and Bondi thread making factories.


Polyester Bondi thread is an industrial filament polyester sewing thread with good break resistance and wear resistance. It has good acid resistance and UV resistance, and is suitable for various sewing threads with high tensile strength requirements.

Polyester Bondi thread is suitable for sewing sports shoes, leather shoes, handbags; luggage and leather goods, toy webbing, furniture, sofas, clothing and other polyester materials and when the sewing thread is required to be inelastic.