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Top 5 Applications and Featuresof 120D/2 Viscose Rayon Embroidery Threads

Choosing the Right Sewing Thread for Your Project

Embroidery is an art form that has been practiced for centuries, adding beauty and intricacy to various fabrics and garments. To achieve exquisite embroidery designs, the choice of embroidery thread is crucial. Among the many options available, 100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads stand out as a popular and versatile choice.

Understanding 100% 120D/2 Viscose Rayon

100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads are made from high-quality viscose rayon fibers. The “120D/2” designation refers to the thread’s thickness and construction. The “120D” indicates that the thread is 120 deniers, which signifies its fineness and strength. The “2” denotes that it is a two-ply thread, meaning two individual strands twisted together to form the final thread.

Viscose rayon is a synthetic fiber made from regenerated cellulose, making it an eco-friendly option. It is known for its softness, vibrant luster, and excellent dye absorption properties, making it ideal for embroidery projects that require a rich and shiny finish.

Top 7 Features and Benefits of 120D/2 Viscose Rayon Embroidery Threads

100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads offer several features and benefits that make them a preferred choice for embroiderers:

  1. Vibrant Colors: Viscose rayon fibers have exceptional dye uptake, resulting in embroidery threads with brilliant and vibrant colors. This feature allows embroiderers to create eye-catching and vivid designs on various fabrics.
  2. Smooth and Lustrous Finish: The natural sheen of viscose rayon gives embroidered designs an elegant and glossy appearance. The smooth texture of the thread enhances the overall visual appeal of the embroidery.
  3. Soft and Luxurious Feel: Viscose rayon threads are known for their softness, making the embroidered fabric feel luxurious to the touch. This is particularly advantageous for embroidery on clothing and accessories.
  4. High Tensile Strength: Despite its fine appearance, 100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads exhibit excellent tensile strength, ensuring durability and longevity of the embroidered design.
  5. Compatibility: These threads are compatible with various embroidery machines, including computerized and manual machines, making them accessible to a wide range of embroiderers.
  6. Smooth Running: The threads’ even and consistent twist ensures smooth running through the embroidery machine, minimizing the risk of thread breaks and ensuring a hassle-free embroidery process.
  7. Wide Color Range: 100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads are available in a vast array of colors, enabling embroiderers to find the perfect shade for their designs.

Top 5 Applications of 120D/2 Viscose Rayon Embroidery Threads

The versatility of 100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads allows them to be used in various embroidery applications:

  1. Garments: Embroidery on garments, such as dresses, shirts, and jackets, benefits from the softness and lustrous finish of viscose rayon threads, adding an elegant touch to the attire.
  2. Home Textiles: Embroidering on home textiles, like pillowcases, curtains, and tablecloths, can transform plain fabrics into stunning decorative pieces with the vibrant colors of viscose rayon threads.
  3. Fashion Accessories: Embroidery on fashion accessories, including bags, scarves, and hats, can be elevated with the rich colors and smooth texture of viscose rayon threads.
  4. Corporate Branding: Businesses often use embroidery to showcase their logos and branding on uniforms and promotional items. The visual impact of viscose rayon threads helps create a professional and sophisticated image.
  5. Art and Craft Projects: Viscose rayon threads are popular among crafters and hobbyists for various art projects, including embroidery on canvas, mixed media pieces, and personalized gifts.

Popular Applications of 100% 120D/2 Viscose Rayon Embroidery Threads

GarmentsEmbroidery on clothing for a luxurious touch.
Home TextilesDecorative embroidery on home linens and fabrics.
Fashion AccessoriesEmbellishing bags, scarves, and hats with vibrant designs.
Corporate BrandingEmbroidering logos and branding on uniforms and promotional items.
Art and Craft ProjectsUtilizing viscose rayon threads in various art and craft projects.


100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads have earned their place as a top choice among embroiderers for their vibrant colors, smooth and lustrous finish, and soft feel. These threads offer excellent performance and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of embroidery applications, from garments and home textiles to fashion accessories and art projects.

Whether for professional use or personal creativity, 100% 120D/2 viscose rayon embroidery threads continue to be a go-to option for achieving stunning and eye-catching embroidery designs on various fabrics and items.