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Characteristics of leather sewing thread,How To Choose The Right Leather Sewing Thread

Filament Thread

Leather is a natural product and therefore has its own characteristics. Each type of leather has a fiber orientation that stretches better but is also more prone to tearing.

In order to produce the strongest possible product (i.e. high tear resistance), the leather should be processed as far as possible in the opposite direction of the fiber, depending on where it is located. All pieces need to be cut in the fiber direction, although this will require more raw material.

Nylon leather sewing thread is a synthetic fiber thread with high strength and durability. It is a chemical fiber thread suitable for sewing strong and durable leather products. Nylon leather sewing thread is usually available in a variety of colors to match the appearance of the leather.

What are the characteristics of leather sewing thread

  1. Tight stitching and elasticity;
  2. Long-lasting wear resistance;
  3. Smooth thread and no needle lag;
  4. Suitable for high-speed sewing machines;
  5. Can be used for sewing bags, shoes, leather products, decorations, etc.
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Filament Thread

How to choose the right sewing machine needle and leather sewing thread

Leather is mainly used for processing leather shoes, or in the automotive and furniture industries. Therefore, different leather sewing threads are required for different uses of leather. In order to obtain a satisfactory product, it is important to keep in mind the characteristics of leather during processing and always choose the right sewing machine needle and leather sewing thread.

Durability of leather seams

When sewing leather, the strength of the seam (also called durability) plays an important role. The durability of the seam is mainly affected by the stitch density, which refers to the number of stitches per centimeter of length. The higher the density, the more leather sewing thread is used in the seam, and the higher the seam’s thread-related strength. When the seam breaks (lateral load), the maximum strength of the seam is reached if both the leather and the leather sewing thread break at the same time. In order to achieve the highest seam strength, the stitch length must be adjusted every time the needle tip or leather sewing thread parameters are changed.

The strength of the seam is also affected by the tear strength of the leather: the larger the incision made by the sewing needle in the leather, the lower the tensile strength. Therefore, when choosing the thickness of the sewing needle, it is important to ensure that the sewing thread can pass freely through the needle eye and that the stitching process is stable. The selected sewing needle should not be too thick, so that the needle hole is not too large.

Filament Thread
Filament Thread

The right needle tip shape

Due to the different longitudinal and transverse structures of leather, the needle tip of a sewing needle suitable for sewing cloth may lead to different seam appearances when sewing leather, depending on the stitching direction. In order to achieve a uniform seam appearance in all directions, a knife-point needle is required.

There are many different shapes of knife-point needles. Depending on the geometry and direction of the cut, a well-defined hole is cut into the leather, which enables a variety of stitches (straight and oblique) and seam appearances.

The right needle tip shape depends not only on the desired seam style, but also on the structure of the seam and the characteristics and features of the leather.


Leather is a widely used and popular fabric. Whether it is professional functional clothing, accessories such as handbags, wallets or gloves, or various balls and sports equipment for sports, leather with perfect seams always has its place.

Which leather sewing thread to use depends on the specific needs of the relevant leather material. Only when the thread matches the leather material can we ensure that the right one is selected. In addition, it is also important to use the correct sewing needle to ensure the quality and stability of the sewing.