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Choose a Right Filament Sewing Thread

Bonded nylon thread is coated with a protective layer that provides extra strength and protection against heat, abrasions, and fraying. This coating helps to prevent the thread from breaking during the sewing process due to friction. Additionally, bonded nylon thread has high tensile strength and is resistant to mildew, aging, and abrasions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications and harsh environments.

At Hongfeng, you can find a variety of bonded nylon filament sewing threads in various colors and sizes to suit different sewing projects’ needs. Selecting the appropriate thread size is crucial to ensure a stable and quality stitch. Thread size is determined by the thread’s thickness or gauge, and the most commonly used standards are Commercial size, Tex size, and Government size.

Different factors need to be considered when choosing the appropriate thread size for your project. The material type, thickness, and the machine you use are a few factors that can determine the thread size. For example, if you are using a heavy-duty sewing machine, you can use a slightly thicker thread in comparison to regular sewing machines. The needle size used also determines the thread size to be used. For example, a thick needle requires a thicker thread, and a thin needle requires a thin thread.

Six Tips for Choose a Right Filament Sewing Thread

nylon thread for sewing machine
nylon thread for sewing machine
  • Thickness: Nylon thread comes in different thicknesses, ranging from very thin to very thick. Consider the purpose for which you are buying the thread and choose the appropriate thickness. Thicker thread is generally stronger and more durable, while the thinner thread is more delicate and suited for lighter fabrics.
  • Color: Nylon thread comes in a wide range of colors, so choose the one that best matches the fabric you will be using it on. If you can’t find an exact match, choose a color that is a close match or complementary to the fabric.
  • Strength: Nylon thread is known for its strength, but different types of nylon thread have different levels of strength. Look for thread that is labeled as strong or heavy-duty if you will be using it for heavy-duty sewing tasks.
  • Stretch: Some types of nylon thread have a degree of stretch to them, which can be useful for certain applications such as sewing knit fabrics. Consider whether you need a stretchy thread or not.
  • Price: Nylon thread is generally affordable, but prices can vary depending on the brand, thickness, and quantity you buy. Compare prices from different sources to get the best deal.
  • Quantity: Consider how much thread you need for your project and buy accordingly. Buying in bulk can be cost-effective if you know you will be using a lot of thread.

Top 6 Types With Filament Sewing Thread

Size 46 bonded nylon thread

Hongfeng offers a variety of bonded nylon threads in different sizes suitable for sewing a broad range of materials. Although the thread size might not be noticeable at first glance, it plays a critical role in determining the quality and durability of the end product. One of the smallest sizes available is size 46, which is a lightweight thread perfect for regular sewing machines and industrial machines. It is commonly used for crafting products like wallets, handbags, upholstery, notebook covers, straps, belts, and more.

Size 69 bonded nylon thread

On the other hand, the most popular thread size sold by Hongfeng is size 69, which is ideal for sewing leather products like wallets, handbags, tote bags, upholstery, footwear, and notebook covers. It is also used for sewing patches onto caps, backpacks, belts, and straps. Compared to size 46, size 69 has a higher thickness and is more noticeable, but it still provides a clean and strong stitching finish that is essential for leather products.

Size 92 bonded nylon thread

If you want something slightly larger than size 69 and prefer your stitches to stand out, size 92 might be the best choice. Like size 69, it’s suitable for sewing light-weight leather products, but it’s thicker and more noticeable than size 69. It is also ideal for sewing products requiring extra strength, and it pairs perfectly with a 16 or 18 size needle. In terms of appearance, size 92 is more visible, making it the perfect option for decorative stitching or adding more character to your sewing projects.

Size 138 bonded nylon thread

Size 138 is commonly used in sewing thicker leather products such as tote bags, caps with leather patches, straps, belts, luggage, and saddlebags. It’s also ideal for sewing webbing and nylon straps. Compared to size 92 and size 92, size 138 is noticeably thicker and provides a stronger stitching finish, making it perfect for applications where more strength is required.

Size 207 bonded nylon thread

Size 207 is even thicker than size 138 and is commonly used in heavy-duty sewing tasks such as repairing tack, saddles, straps, belts, luggage, and footwear that requires a hand-stitched appearance. It’s also ideal for sewing webbing and nylon straps. Size 207 requires an industrial, heavy-duty sewing machine that can accommodate larger needle sizes to work efficiently. It’s more noticeable than size 138, making the stitches stand out, creating a unique appearance.

Size 277 bonded nylon thread

Size 277 is the thickest bonded nylon thread offered by Hongfeng, and it’s commonly used in various leatherworking projects, including tack repair, saddles, holsters, knife sheaths, straps, belts, and footwear. It’s also ideal for sewing webbing and nylon straps used in heavy-duty applications such as truck tarps or boat covers. Compared to the other sizes, size 277 is the most noticeable and provides the most robust stitching finish, and it requires a heavy-duty industrial sewing machine that can accommodate larger needle sizes.

In conclusion

Selecting the right bonded nylon thread size is essential to achieve a high-quality and durable stitching finish. Hongfeng offers a comprehensive range of bonded nylon threads, and the sizes discussed above provide an array of options for leatherworking projects. Whether you’re creating tote bags, belts, or repairing saddles, you can rest assured that Hongfeng has the perfect thread size for your project.