High Bulk Textured Polyester Thread

high bulk polyester yarn
high bulk textured polyester thread
high bulk yarn

High Bulk Polyester Yarn

Hongfeng Mossi® High Bulk Polyester Yarn is used for high bulk seam coverage. Mossi® High Bulk Textured Polyester Thread has excellent extensibility and good sewing performance and is suitable for use in the loopers of overlocking and cover seaming.

Mossi® High Bulk Polyester Yarn Parameters

21Tkt 1405000M27099029<30.0
RARoughness AverageBSABreaking Strength AverageEBAElongation at Break AverageDHSDry Heat ShrinkageBWSBoiling Water Shrinkage

Standard for Colour Fastness of High Bulk Textured Polyester Thread

International standardName Degree of staining
ISO 105 C10Wash  FastnessGrade 4
ISO 105  X12Rub FastnessGrade 4

Color fastness test of Mossi® High Bulk Polyester Yarn

International standard Soap solutionTemperatureTimeDegree of staining
ISO 105 C10                        5g/L60℃+/-2℃30MinGrade 4

Features of Mossi® High Bulk Polyester Yarn

High bulk polyester yarn filament imparts a soft feel to the sewing thread, making it ideal for overlock, hemming and interlock seams, especially in close-fitting seams.

  • Good Coverage Effect
  • Good Elastic Property
  • Seams and Lighter
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Good Sewability
high bulk textured polyester thread


high bulk textured yarn

Application of Mossi® High Bulk Polyester Yarn

High bulk textured polyester thread filament has a fluffy elastic expansion body, soft and shiny, with a skin-friendly texture, suitable for all overlock seams and stretch seams, the most perfect handling of overedging.

  • Underwear
  • Competition suit
  • Yoga wear
  • Sportswear
  • Swimwear

Further Reading

What is High Bulk Polyester Yarn

High Bulk Yarns are yarns that are processed so that, through a form of shrinkage in the processing, they are thicker and bulkier than they would be otherwise. Normally, high bulk yarns are mainly made out of shrink and non-shrink staple fibers especially polyacrylonitrile through semi-worsted spinning process. The production method involves blending two PET filament yarns, one acting as shrink component and the other as non-shrink one, followed by a relaxation process.

Polyester Texturised Yarn (PTY) or High Bulk Polyester Yarn is a fully oriented polyester multifilament yarn. It is known for soft crimp, high bulk and texture with cotton feel and very high durability and retention properties. Partially oriented yarn is texturized using high speed texturising machines to get these properties.

high bulk yarn


high bulk textured yarn


Micro, semi dull, dope-dyed and bright polyester high-bulk textured yarns are used in products like trousers, shirts, suiting, ski-wear, inner wear and sportswear. Polyester textured yarns – with compact, soft, bulky and other unique characteristics – have a far superior feel and level of comfort as compared to ordinary polyesters.


High Bulk Polyester Yarn also makes an ideal choice for automotive seat fabrics. The exceptional dyeing uniformity in super coarse deniers combined with high bulk consistency makes the texturised yarn ideal for this end use.

Floor Covering

Super coarse deniers in semi dull and bright lusters are most commonly used in carpets. The enhanced properties of high bulk polyester yarns enable the use of coarse denier products in other floor covering products as well.

Fancy Products

Polyester textured yarns are most popularly used in the weaving sector to achieve different effects after processing for use in fancy fabrics.

Home Textiles

Micros, coarse micros, super-coarse, semi dull and bright yarns used in bed linen, table linen, kitchen linen, towels and curtains.

high bulk textured polyester yarn