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Tex 45 Bonded Polyester Thread

tex 45 bonded polyester thread
Tex 45 bonded polyester thread

Bonded Polyester Thread Size 46 / Tex 45 / Tickets 60 / 150D/3

Tex 45 (Size 46 / Tickets 60 / 150D/3) Bonded Polyester Thread is a lightweight thread used on home and commercial machines with a size 90/14 to 100/16 needle. Its stitch appearance is inconspicuous.

Tickets 60 bonded polyester thread
Tickets 60 bonded polyester thread


Polyester continuous filament bonded thread 150D/3.

Featured by high tenacity, excellent sewability, and abrasion resistance, it is applicable for outerwear, curtains, leathers, industrial products, etc.

Gentle luster, excellent seam strength & appearance, high productivity, extensive color range, high chemical resistance

Size 46 bonded polyester thread
Size 46 bonded polyester thread


Leather shoes, uppers, leather garments, footwear, wallet, sports goods, gloves, bags, light leather goods, mattresses, upholstery, automobile seats, industrial filters, carpets, parachutes, zips, etc.

Specifications of Tex 45 Bonded Polyester Thread

Size 46Average StrengthAverage ThicknessNeedleNominal Yards
Tex Equivalent: 45Pounds 7.0Inches 8/1000″ (0.008 in.)Needle Size Range625 per ounce
Gov’t Equivalent: BKilograms 3.2Millimeters 0.2090/14 to 100/1610,000 per Pound
tex 45 bonded polyester thread
UV Resistant Polyester Thread

Tex 45 Bonded Polyester Thread Parameters

Materials:Polyester bonded
Type:150D/3  Raw White and Dyed, Make-to-order service
Color:More than 1000 colors from the FlyingWheel color card
Logo:Shineman or customer logo
Samples Time:1-2day
Application:Athletic Padding, Automobile Covers, Shift boots and door panels, Awnings, Backpacks, Bookbinding, Cat Collars – Cat Leashes, Costumes, Curtains and Drapes, Dentist Chairs, Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses, Flags, Garments, Gloves, Horse Blankets 
Packing Details:Customer’s request
Production Capacity:3500ton/year
Payment Term:L/C, T/T