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Tex 135 Bonded Polyester Thread

Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread
Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread

Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread Size 138 / Tex 135 / Tickets 20

Size 138 Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread is a smooth bonded twisted polyester thread designed to meet the performance requirements of a wide range of applications, that is perfect for outside applications. It has 3 plies, a tensile strength of 21 lbs, and a yield of 2750 yards per pound. In addition to this thread’s good overall UV, colorfastness, and chemical resistance, Hong Feng’s excellent bond quality provides superior sewability.

Bonded polyester thread has high strength and stretch control, stability in sunlight (UVR), and resistance to needle heat, abrasion, salt water, and mildew. This polyester thread very seldom frays at the needle eye, and the consistent bonded finish minimizes the need for continual machine tension adjustments. Every Sunguard product is manufactured to meet anti-wick standards, which reduces seam leakage. Perfect for use on sails, tents, boat covers, awnings, outdoor canvas covers, tarps, and patio furniture.

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Doyte® plus Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread Parameters

10Tkt 2505,000M13063020<2.5<1.0
12Tkt 2003,000M18392019<2.5<1.0
18Tkt 1805,000M18092020<2.5<1.0
24Tkt 1203,000M254142019<2.5<1.0
30Tkt 0802,000M412217018<2.5<1.0
50Tkt 0602,000M610262019<2.5<1.0
60Tkt 0403,000M814423017<2.5<1.0
90Tkt 0302,000M974520019<2.5<1.0
135Tkt 0201,500M1661836019<2.5<1.0
150Tkt 0181,500M1954903022<2.5<1.0
180Tkt 0151,000M23051140022<2.5<1.0
270Tkt 010900M33471663023<2.5<1.0
350Tkt 008700M40531948028<2.5<1.0

RARoughness AverageBSABreaking Strength AverageEBAElongation at Break AverageDHSDry Heat ShrinkageBWSBoiling Water Shrinkage

Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread
Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread


  • A bonded finish is applied to the fibers of a continuous filament thread for higher strength and decreased friction.
  • A soft finish means the thread has no fiber coating.
  • The lubricated thread allows for smooth sewing and needle heat resistance.
  • The thread that is UV resistant withstands fading and sun damage.
  • To shed water, a non-wicking or anti-wicking finish is applied to the thread (non-wicking repels water and prevents water absorption while anti-wicking provides an extremely water-repellent seam).
  • The thread that is heat set minimizes shrinking and expanding.
  • Elongation is the amount of a thread that stretches before it breaks. The higher elongation, the greater seam elasticity but there is more opportunity for skipped stitches and thread breakage.

Standard for colour fastness of polyester filament thread

International standardNameDegree of staining
ISO 105 C10Wash  FastnessGrade 4
ISO 105  X12Rub FastnessGrade 4

Color fastness test of Doyte® Plus bonded polyester thread

International standardSoap solutionTemperatureTimeDegree of staining
ISO 105 C105g/L60℃+/-2℃30MinGrade 4
Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread
Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread


  • Shade (awnings, shade sails, enclosures, umbrellas)
  • Marine products (seating, boat tops, sails, covers)
  • Outdoor upholstery (patio furniture, cushions, umbrellas, furniture covers)
  • Indoor upholstery (sofas, pillows, drapery, quilting)
  • Tents and tarps, industrial covers
  • Boat covers, enclosures and upholstery
  • Pool and spa covers
  • Signs and banners
  • Decorative Stitching
  • Recreational gear
  • Apparel
  • Embroidery
  • Marine products
  • Transportation products
  • Inflatables
  • General industrial projects using heavyweight fabrics


Industrial threads come in a range of sizes. Generally speaking, the larger the size, the thicker and heavier duty the thread is (which means more noticeable seams).

Thread weight is the thickness of your thread. Thread weight can vary from fine thread to medium weight to heavy-duty weight. Heavier threads are coarser and work best for thicker fabrics.