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Sorting of corrosion resistance of sewing thread

Corrosion resistance is an important index for measuring the ability of sewing threads to withstand the erosion of various physical and chemical materials. How to choose sewing thread reasonably according to the wearing condition and the performance of sewing material is of practical value to ensure the wearing life of shoes and achieve the perfect sewing effect. If the line is not chosen properly, it will be eroded in the middle line, and the strength of the line will be reduced, so a better corrosion resistance line should be used to sew. Relationship between the material and the practicality of the sewing thread: Order of acid resistance is: Polyester sewing thread > nylon sewing thread > cotton sewing thread; Order of alkali resistance is Cotton sewing thread > polyamide sewing thread > polyester sewing thread; Order of aging resistance is polyester sewing thread > cotton sewing thread > polyamide sewing thread.