How to divide the sewing thread specification

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How to divide the sewing thread specification

1. Nylon sewing thread (Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6)

Nylon sewing thread, also known as nylon sewing thread, pearl sewing thread, is made of continuous filament nylon fiber blended, smooth, soft, elongation of 20% — 35%, has good flexibility, burning white smoke . High abrasion resistance, good light resistance, mold resistance, coloring degree of about 100 degrees, low temperature dyeing. It is widely used because of its high seam strength, durability, flat seams, and the ability to meet a wide range of different sewing industrial products.

Here are its general physical characteristics:

Line No. Daniel Average Intensity (KG)

40# 210D/1×2 2.3

30# 210D/1×3 3.5

20# 210D/4 4.8

10# 210D/2×3 7.0

5# 210D/3×3 10.0

0# 210D/4×3 14.0

[Sewing thread specifications] how to divide the sewing thread specifications

2, special dragon sewing thread

Te Duo Long Sewing Thread: It is also called high-strength sewing thread and high-strength polyester sewing thread. It is made of continuous high-strength low-elongation polyester filaments. It has a temperature resistance of 130 degrees, high tensile strength, low elongation, and no elasticity. However, its wear resistance is poor. , harder than nylon thread, burning black smoke, 130 degree high temperature dyeing. Smooth, no more joints, good color fastness, meet the international environmental protection requirements of the sewing thread.

Its common specifications and models are:

Line No. Daniel Average Intensity (KG)

60# 150D/1×3 2.4

40# 210D/1×2 2.4

30# 210D/1×3 3.6

20# 210D/1×4 4.5

10# 210D/2×3 6.0

5# 210D/3×3 9.0

0# 210D/4×3 11.0

There are other rough specifications: 15 shares, 18 shares, 21 shares, 24 shares, 30 shares and so on.

3, PP pure polyester sewing thread

PP pure polyester sewing thread line, also called SP sewing thread line, PP sewing thread line, is also made of high strength and low elongation polyester raw material, the surface has wool, temperature 130 degrees, high temperature dyeing. Polyester material is the most resistant to friction, dry cleaning, stone washing, bleaching and other detergents in all materials. Its low elongation and low expansion rate guarantees excellent seamability and prevents wrinkles and hops. needle.

Common models are:

20S/2, 20S/3, 20S/4, 30S/3, 30S/2, 40S/2, 40S/3, 50S/2, 50S/3, 60S/2, 60S/3

4, Bondi sewing thread

The Bondi line consists of two materials, Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6, which are blended with continuous nylon filaments and bonded together to bind all yarns together. Even if they are cut with scissors, they are never Will leave open. And then through the high-performance lubrication process, it can meet the daily heavy-duty sewing process, such as: leather, canvas products or sports shoes.

Elongation rate of 20-28%, better wear resistance, not easy to break, the surface as smooth as a ribbon.

Common models:

Line number Daniel

30# 210D/1×3

20# 280D/1×3

10# 420D/1×3

5# 630D/1×3

5, polyester fiber leather sewing thread

Polyester fiber leather sewing thread, also called special product line, is made of a high-quality, high-strength, lipidized filament yarn. Compared with nylon thread or PP thread of the same grade, it has strong tensile strength, soft material and low elongation. Degree, inelastic, bright color, no fading, and has the characteristics of lightfastness, heat resistance and abrasion resistance. It is most suitable for sewing all kinds of leather goods, women’s shoes, and artificial leather products.

Common specifications and models are:

Line number Daniel

80# 100D/1X3

60# 150D/1×3

40# 210D/1×3

30# 280D/1×3

20# 420D/1×3

15# 630D/1×3

10# 840D/1×3

8# 1050D/1X3

5# 1260D/1X3

6, Mark sewing thread

The Mark line is based on the PP pure polyester line. It has S direction and Z direction, that is, left and right.

There are two ways to save money, one is a combination of several shares, in which two or three shares or four shares are first converted into one small share, and then these small shares are divided into three shares, four shares and five shares. 6 shares, etc.

Common specifications are: 2×3, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 4×3, 6×3.

7, polyester core sewing thread

The polyester core thread is a sewing thread made of polyester filament as the core and outer polyester filament. Stronger and more balanced, moderate toughness, tight stitch stitching, excellent low shrinkage, good abrasion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, antistatic properties, and then specializes in the lubrication of oil, used in exquisite Sewing seams, and seams that require a high degree of exercise, are the perfect combination. Common specifications are: 602, 402, 403, 202, 203 and so on.