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Bonded sewing thread thickness and its use

Bonded Thread: Bonded Thread is made of high-strength nylon 66 filaments and polyester filaments.
Features: strong pull, excellent toughness, waterproof mildew, moderate elasticity, small shrinkage, wear resistance, smooth seams and other more.
Uses: leather sewing equipment, wire preparation, car seats, airbags, luggage, handbags, toys, ribbons, tents, parasailing, diving suits, high-end sports shoes and high-grade bedding and other advanced sewing products.
Models: 80#, 60#, 40#, 30#, 20#, 5#, 0#, 15 shares, 18 shares, 24 shares, 30 shares.
Bonded Thread is widely used in various aspects of society with its brilliant colors and powerful features.
After Bonding, the low-melting nylon filaments are melted by heating and dyed to obtain a finished product. A direct melt-bonded and then dyed with a low-melting nylon yarn, conventional linear hard and difficult-to-control colors can be improved. Disadvantages, and it is possible to make a Bondi wire with a relatively linear and stable color quality.