Waxed Nylon Thread Hand Stitching Cord for Leather

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waxed polyester thread


Waxed Nylon Thread
Waxed Thread Hand Stitching Cord For Leather

Material: polyester or nylon high strength

Size: line length 250 meters

Weight: 130g

Product list: 1* sewing thread

Uses: The hand feel is very smooth, sewing leather is preferred, high-grade leather bag, gold bag and so on.


Rugged: Very rugged, made of high quality nylon; easy to handle by hand or tool. Improve work efficiency without worrying about secondary damage.

Waxed Thread
Waxed Nylon Thread Hand Stitching Cord For Leather

Feel comfortable: Nylon craft wax line is made of high quality materials and feels comfortable. The old clothes after sewing are brand new.

Small and flexible: this is a great tool to repair your old leather garments. Because it is small and flexible, it is easy to put in the room’s toolbox. Ready to use.

Widely used: can be used to sew any heavy materials, leather goods, shoes, bags and bags in one instant, car tops, interiors, sails, etc…

The perfect gift: suitable for beginners and proficient. This is a good little gift choice for parents, family, friends, especially hand-stitched lovers.

Waxed Thread For Leather
Waxed Nylon Thread Hand Stitching Cord For Leather

waxed nylon thread

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