Waxed polyester thread is a multi-strand thread used for lace projects. It is durable, fade resistant and of course waterproof. By rotating the end of the wire harness over the flame, a sealed knot and end can be achieved, making the project resilient to the elements over time. This will also help create an elegant finished look for your jewelry or handicraft project.

waxed polyester string
Waxed Polyester String

Waxed polyester threads come in various thicknesses. When you buy waxed polyester thread, it is important to know that there are different varieties of waxed polyester thread. Please beware of items that only contain “thread” or “stranded thread”. These qualities are usually not the same, and the sealing method may be different.

waxed polyester thread

Features: water-proof, excellent strength mould-proof, smooth stitch

polyester flat waxed thread