Waxed polyeater thread

polyester flat waxed thread
Polyester Flat Waxed Thread

This thread is made of polyester filaments, 16 or 18 filaments were braided together, then treated with a coat of wax. Waxing makes the thread more durable, stiffer, more water and mildew resistant, and less stretchy.

We have two kinds of waxed thread. One is with a light coat of wax, as same as no-waxed by just looking at it. It is suitable for machine sewing. Another one is called American Style Waxed Thread, with heavier wax, used for hand sewing.

Waxed thread is great for sewing wallets, belts, bags, leather accessories, moccasins, shoes, saddlery, and countless other items. We stock a full range of waxed thread which comes in a range of thicknesses to accommodate any projects. and OEM $ ODM are accepted.




150D/16 190G 500M

Remark: Net weight (±5g)/spool. Strength (±1kg) according to different Denier. More specification and color could be customized.

Waxed thread for leather work
Waxed Thread For Leather Work

waxed polyester thread

Features: water-proof, excellent strength mould-proof, smooth stitch

polyester flat waxed thread