Mark threads

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Mark threads, also called threading, hand sewing. Made of polyester filament yarn, weaved into a thread on a horse-drawn machine, and weaved into 16 strands with a 16-axis horse-drawn machine. For example, we use 16 210D polyester filament yarns to make 21D/1X.

Waxed Polyester Thread
Waxed Polyester Thread

16 indicates the model thickness. The wax-waving line is a production process in which a single line passes through a molten wax tank after the horse-drawn line is dyed, so that the surface of the horse-drawn line is wrapped with a layer of wax.


Weaving the Mark thread with its flat, 1.4mm-2mm special thick wire diameter, can sew out the rough and individual threads, can fully interpret the beauty of the thread, has a good decorative effect, the wax thread is characterized by a smoother and more compact , improve the wear resistance and seamability of the thick thread of the Mark thread.


the line is applied to leather goods such as horses, casual shoes, handbags and belts. With a rough atmosphere!


Passing the Waxed Polyester Thread, paying attention to the detection of sewing thread indicators such as color accuracy and color fastness, and checking the quality of products;

Use Dow Corning Silicone to lubricate the wire body, the oil rate is up to 3%, to ensure the sewing performance; self-set dyeing factory, fast delivery, the fastest sample one day delivery!

Mark thread
Mark Thread

waxed polyester thread