Mark thread

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Waxed Polyester Thread called the Mark thread. Mark thread is characterized by the use of polyester filament or staple fiber, nylon filament and other materials to be woven by the horse weaving machine, so it is called the horse line, according to the adjustment of the horse machine.

Mark thread can be made into 8 groups, 12 groups, 16 groups, 24 groups, and 16 groups are common.

Mark thread
Mark Thread

Generally, the horse-drawn line is used in the outsole of the shoes, the sofa is sewn, and the leather is decorated. Wax line is the wax treatment of the above products, so it is called wax line. The main function of wax line is to facilitate sewing. We can make American wax line with light wax and wax. The waxy feel can be adjusted.

Our Waxed Polyester Threads are divided into paper tube and plastic.

Product Attribute Specifications: 150D / 16,210D / 8,210D / 16,250D / 8,250D / 16,300D / 8,300D / 16,420D / 8,420D / 16,600D / 8,600D / 16.1000D / 1.3000D / 1

Material: polyester, wax

Gram weight: 450 g / piece (axis) net weight, can be customized according to customer


Mark thread
Mark Thread

waxed polyester thread

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