Polyester Twist Yarn
Polyester Twist Yarn

Polyester twist yarn is a kind of textured yarn of polyester fiber,The polyester chip (PET) is used as the material, and the high speed spinning polyester pre oriented yarn (POY) is adopted.

Polyester twist yarn features
Polyester twisted yarn has the advantages of short process, high compliance and good quality;
Polyester twisted yarn has the advantages of high breaking strength and elastic modulus, excellent thermal setting, good elasticity, good heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy to wash and quick drying;
Good insulation, feel comfortable, soft light


Polyester twist yarn application
Polyester twist yarn is suitable for knitting, covering all areas of textile.Specifications are also divided into thickness: 15D-50D for super fine denier; 150D or above for thick wire.Twist the size of the number of twists per cent of the twist for the unit, the general 80 twist -500 twist for the weak twist, 500 twist -1000 twist for the moderate twist, 1000 twist above the strength of twist.The direction of the twist is S and Z, according to the fabric style need to be a single Z twist or S and Z pairing use.