Nylon Twist Yarn

Nylon twist yarn

Nylon twist yarn production is in high production, widly use, is second only to polyester fiber. production is high, wide use, Is a major synthetic fiber after polyester.Polyamide is a trade name of polyamide fibers, also known as nylon, nylon, focusing structure and spinning process of stretching and heat treatment are closely related.With the miniaturization of the car, the high performance of electrical and electronic equipment, machinery and equipment to speed up the process of lightening, the demand for nylon twist yarn will be higher and greater.

Nylon twist yarn features
Nylon twisted yarn can be alkali resistant but not acid resistant, is the ideal material for making wear-resistant products.Nylon material corrosion-resistant, not afraid of mold, not afraid of insects.


Nylon twist yarn application
Nylon Twist Yarn for knitting and weaving of silk industry, silk stockings, stockings and other single elastic interpretation of the various kinds of wear nylon stockings, nylon nets, nylon gauze, lace, stretch nylon coat all kinds of nylon silk or silk woven products.