Uses of Nylon Thread

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Nylon is a general purpose thread designed for applications that require a strong, inexpensive, easy sewing thread with a glossy finish. It is the first choice for upholstery, leatherwork, auto interiors, banners and flags, sports gear, dog collars, horse saddles and tack, knife sheaths, gun holsters, fishing lures, and brief cases.

Lighter weight sizes are often used for sewing garments made from nylon or other shiny fabrics. 

1.Outdoor applications with prolonged sunlight exposure. For example, nylon thread is a great choice for sewing indoor upholstery, and canvas drop cloths used by house painters. It should not be used for outdoor furniture and sewing canvas sails, awnings, tarpaulins. In these cases polyester thread or UVR rated nylon thread are better choices. 

2. Fire retardant garments and gear – Nylon thread yellows at 300F, sticks at 445F and melts at 500F. First responder garments and gear and some high temperature conveyer belts require much more fire retardance. 

3. Critical strength requirements – Nylon is strong but Kevlar Thread is about twice as strong. For example, size 92 nylon has a 15 pound tensile strength; the same size Kevlar has a 30 pound tensile strength. Kevlar’s downside is that it costs about five times more than nylon and only available in yellow. Consider using heavier weight nylon or double-stitching to meet strength requirements. 

4. Cotton-like look – Our nylon thread has a smooth, glossy, shiny finish that does not go well with garments that need a soft, fuzzy, cotton-like look.