Sealing Thread is generally used as a portable slow sealer.

Upholstery Thread
Upholstery Sewing Thread

Bonded Nylon Thread

Characteristics of Slit Thread:
Strong industrial Sealing Thread, pure white color, high strength, light weight, soft product, fine and uniform no knot head, with acid and alkali resistance, no moth, no moth and so on.

Bonded Polyester Thread 92#
Bonded Polyester Thread 138#

Bonded Polyester Thread

Application of the sealing line:
Superior Threads carries a selection of high-quality upholstery thread, in addition to the many other types of thread we sell.

For upholstery items which will remain indoors or finished goods that won’t be exposed to UV rays on a regular basis, we recommend using our bonded nylon upholstery thread.

Our bonded nylon upholstery thread is made of nylon 66, which is stronger than regular nylon upholstery thread.

Nylon 6,6 is mildew resistant, stronger, and has a much higher melting point than regular nylon thread. This is advantageous as it reduces the friction which is placed on the top thread when stitching on a high-speed industrial sewing machine.

We currently stock six sizes of Bonded Nylon thread in over two hundred colors. If your sewn project will be outdoors or exposed to UV rays on a regular basis, we recommend sewing with Bonded Polyester thread.

Polyester fibers have greater resistance to the damage caused by UV rays and exposure compared to nylon fibers. The strength is comparable; however, bonded nylon threads are generally stronger than bonded polyester threads.

Upholstery Thread
Upholstery Thread

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