Waxed Sewing Thread

Thread for sewing leather
Thread For Sewing Leather

Industrial sewing machine thread has high strength, suitable for all kinds of heavy leather, high strength is not easy to break, yarn has no joint, reduce equipment damage, improve sewing performance, thread tight, perfect appearance of sewing products, continuous sewing, the yarn on a large number of silicon wax, continue to cool the needle, so that sewing machine continue to run

Several thing must be considered when choosing thread. If you have a leather product you want to avoid cotton it will rot over time and the seams will fail. You don’t want thread that can stretch and it must pass through the needle with ease. If your item will be exposed to a lot of light you need a UV protected thread. Thread weight is also a consideration, and needle size.

Thread for sewing leather
Thread For Sewing Leather

When working with leather we consider the thread to be the last thing I want to worry about. You have one chance to do it right in leather so use the best thread you can get. Leather is expensive and thread is cheap in comparison.

Bonded nylon thread
Bonded Nylon Thread

Mroe Bonded Nylon Thread

waxed thread for leather stitching
Waxed Sewing Thread

Mroe Waxed Sewing Thread

Simple Information

Thread for sewing leather
Thread For Sewing Leather
Wire SizeDenierPLYDiameter(m/m)Average Strength(kg)Elongation Per unit length(m/kg)Application
80 #120 D/ 330.23≥ 2.9kg8.40%20900Leather colthing.
150 D/ 220.22≥ 2.6kg8.40%27500
60 #150 D/ 330.25≥ 3.5kg8.40%18000
40 #210 D/ 220.25≥3.3kg9.30%18500Leather products: shoes, purses handbags, leather gloves luggage leather and other apparel.
250 D/ 220.28≥3.9kg9.50%15500
30 #210 D/ 330.32≥4.7kg9.40%12300
250 D/ 330.33≥5.5kg9.60%10500
20 #210 D/ 440.36≥6.1kg11.40%9100
250 D/ 440.4≥7.1kg10.50%7750
420 D/ 220.36≥6.1kg9%9100
500 D/ 220.4≥6.0kg14%7750
300 D/ 330.38≥6.6kg11.10%9000Pachyderm products sofas, car seats, shoes belts.
10 #420 D/ 330.45≥8.8kg10.40%6400
 500 D/ 330.48≥10.4kg11.30%5500
5 #630 D/ 330.5≥12.9kg11%4400
750 D/ 330.55≥ 13.7 kg11.60% 

Leather Sofa Sewing Thread

Strong thread for sewing leather
40/3 (210D/3) Bonded Nylon 66 Thread

Bonded nylon thread is a superb choice of thread to sew leather, and it comes in a variety of weights that pair well with different weights and thicknesses of leather. Bonded nylon is a strong thread, and the bonding process it undergoes adds strength and reduces friction, making sewing smoother and faster on an industrial sewing machine. It is perfect for hand sewing leather because the bonding agent (a type of resin) helps dissipate friction during the sewing process. It’s strength keeps the thread from unraveling as it’s drawn through the layers of leather and other thick materials.

Matching thread to the leather is important. When sewing leather on a sewing machine, the stitches need to be short enough to provide a tight seam, but not so short that the leather is weakened by too many perforations. Bonded nylon will keep tight seams and will look attractive, especially when sewn in decorative stitch patterns.

To make a smooth, continuous stitch along the seam of a piece of leather, the initial knot that is formed by the top thread and the bobbin thread are best to be hidden inside the layers of leather. Also known as buying your thread or knot. This helps provide a clean and polished look to the stitch line. Soft leather, such as that for a wallet, bag, or purse can be sewn using #46 or #69 bonded nylon thread. These two thicknesses are on the lighter weight scale and are typically used when stitches are meant to be close together or decorative in nature.

Bonded nylon thread for leather sewing
30/3 (210D/4) Bonded Nylon 66 Thread

Bonded nylon thread for leather sewingFor leather material that is a little thicker and more stiff, perhaps in the 3 – 5 oz. range, a thicker thread, such as bonded nylon #92 is recommended. If the sewn leather will bear a load or be used for furniture, then a #138 thread could be considered. Size #138 thread also makes for a decorative reinforcing thread when used to accent the seam.

While some leather workers and craftsmen use size #92 on leather that is as heavy as 6 – 8 oz., it is really up to personal preference. The higher the number for bonded nylon, the thicker the thread will be. This means that you will need to use a larger needle to accommodate this thick thread. There is also a correlation between the thickness of bonded nylon and its breaking strength. Similar to diameter, the higher the number, the stronger the thread will be.

When sewing on heavy leather, such as 12 oz. or thicker, we suggest sewing with #207 or #277. When sewing with thick thread such as these two sizes, the stitch length should be lengthened to help create even spacing. It’s quite unfortunate if the stitches aren’t even, as it could cause too much tension on the leather material itself lead to degradation and tearing. Sewing leather that is 3/8” to 3/4” thick will be better paired with our thickest bonded thread, size #346. This heavy duty thread is extremely strong and holds its stitch well.

Bonded Nylon Thread For Sewing Leather
Bonded Nylon Thread For Sewing Leather

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Leather sofa sewing thread has advantages of a good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance, water resistance, wear resistance and high strength, low shrinkage, low moisture regain, elastic moderate and other characteristics, even dry, No shrinkage, not easy to break, to protect the excellent seamability.

For sewing sofa leather.

Sewing thread selection for sofas and elastic fabrics must take into account the problem of the elongation of the sewing thread. Because the inside of the sofa skin is wrapped with a soft sponge, when the person sits up, according to the softness and hardness of the sofa sponge, the sofa will be recessed into a distance of 5-15 cm, so that the sewing seam of the sewing machine must bear huge down. Pressure, the elongation of polyester sewing thread is 6-10%; the elongation of nylon sewing thread is 21-30%; the sofa with polyester sewing thread needle car, the new sofa seems to have no problem, but it is used by customers. In the middle, the seam of the leather tends to break the thread hard in repeated sit-ups due to insufficient elongation. Therefore, to solve the problem of the sewing thread of the soft sofa, we must first select the elastic nylon sewing thread so that the person sits. When going up, the flexible sewing thread will extend or retract correspondingly with the pressure change, achieving the best sewing effect of the soft sofa!

Nylon sewing thread is a sewing thread made of nylon 6 or nylon 66 monofilament. The nylon thread is characterized by good gloss, wear resistance and good elasticity. It can be elongated or retracted as the pressure increases or decreases. . When the sewing thread is stretched by 5-8%, it can be 100% rebounded with the original length. The nylon sewing thread is the preferred sewing thread for elastic stitching. If the strands are bonded internally by a special process, the effect of not loosening the strands can be achieved. This is the Nylon Bonded thread, also called the nylon Bondi line. When the Nylon Bonded thread that does not have a stock is over the needle eye, it is not easy to break the line because of the single-strand joint force, no retreat, no stock, no wrinkles. The stitching lines are tough, straight and textured, and the sewing effect is even better!

Waxed Thread For Sewing Leather
Waxed Thread For Sewing Leather

Waxed Thread

It’s an industrial thread for shoes and leather products, mainly used in leisure shoes, girl shoes, sofas and all hand sewing.

Features: water-proof, excellent strength mould-proof, smooth stitch

In order to suit the various and precise requirements of our esteemed clients, our enterprise is dedicatedly engaged in providing Leather Craft High Wax Thread in the market. Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach, we have carved niche in the industry by offering an enormous grade array of Thread. The offered thread is spun by our highly skilled professionals using premium class fibers and contemporary techniques following the international industry standards. The provided thread is basically used for crafting clothes and hand-work in numerous textile and garment designing organizations. Additionally, we offer this thread to our precious patrons at a budget friendly price.150D/16, 210D/16, 250D/16, 300D/16, 420D/16 Colors: White and Black are the most colors, other colors can be customized.Threads on small reels/bobbins/mini-spools for domestic usage

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Thread for sewing leather
Thread For Sewing Leather

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