Bag closing thread
Yellow-Green 10S4 Bag Closing Thread

The polyester bag closing thread is made of pure polyester fiber, and it has the characteristics of alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and acid resistance. It is suitable for hand-held sewing machines and table-top sewing machines. The products are widely used in plastic weaving, chemical, cement, grain, feed and other packaging fields. They are bulk bags, woven bags, paper bags, flour bags, cement bags, feed bags and chemical raw material bags. Ideal seam product for woven bags.


Even sliver, no joints, high elongation and stable twist.

Strict tail yarn design is used in the yarn winding, which helps users to change the thread without stopping the machine and solves the trouble of threading when the machine stops.

The arc-shaped design is adopted to prevent the formation of cobweb yarn and help users submit sewing efficiency.

Adopt advanced equipment to twist, solve the industry problems of channeling strands and small braids, and submit product quality.

Electronic intelligent monitoring equipment is used to monitor the whole process of yarn blending to improve the stability of the finished product.

Bag closing thread