A 100% polyester staple spun thread twisted and finished exclusively for packaging purposes, used on both stationary & portable bag closing machines.

Application: Sewing bags packed with grains, rice, flour, sugar, tea, salt, cattle feed, cement, fertilizers, mineral, etc.

Large chemical fiber refers to the polyester staple fiber produced by direct spinning of polyester melt or indirect spinning of polyester chip with relatively sophisticated imported and domestic production equipment.

Our company has introduced advanced manufacturing technology and mechanical equipment, using high-quality polyester raw materials and environmental dyes. The whole process is clean with no pollution.

 Polyester Bale Sewing Thread
Polyester Bale Sewing Thread For Sealing

Bale sewing thread can be divided into two types: civilian bale sewing thread and industrial bale sewing thread, mainly used for sealing all kinds of bags, such as chemical bags, rice bags and so on. Our company’s bale sewing thread has many types: 204, 206, 209. It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, various colors and stable quality. We has been widely praised in the textile market.


— no knots

— good durability

— excellent seaming

— corrosion resistance

— high tensile strength

 Polyester Bale Sewing Thread
Polyester Bale Sewing Thread For Sealing

Bag closing thread

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