Technical sewing thread

Car seat sewing thread

Car seat sewing thread Car seat sewing thread introductionCar seat sewing thread is mainly used in sewing car seat. Car seat sewing thread contains all kinds of high strength and bondi line, commonly used specifications: 100 D * 3210 D * 3210 D * 3300 D * 3300 D * 3.  Car seat sewing thread featuresGood high temperature resistance, low… Read More »Car seat sewing thread

Footwear sewing thread

Footwear sewing thread Footwear sewing thread introductionFootwear sewing thread is an important auxiliary material for footwear.Sewing thread is an important auxiliary material for shoe making.Shoes with sewing thread on the various types of shoes to help face and bottom stitching, connecting, stereotypes and decoration and so on.The physical and chemical properties of the footwear sewing thread, the quality of the… Read More »Footwear sewing thread

Airbag & Seat Belt Sewing Thread

Airbag Seat Belt Sewing Thread We works for the automotive industry to provide a series of specialized industrial sewing thread.The production of the seat belt to maintain a high degree of toughness and durability.Using a unique technology to produce automotive Using a unique technology to produce automotive lines. Including on-line dyeing of automotive airbags, and the bottom line of the… Read More »Airbag & Seat Belt Sewing Thread

outdoor polyester thread

Outdoor sewing thread Outdoor sewing thread introductionOutdoor sewing thread is mainly used for labor insurance clothing, canvas products, breaking strength, tensile, excellent wear resistance.Better International works closely with manufacturers and consumers of sewing products for outdoor activities.We have developed a line for a range of outdoor/camping and sporting goods with excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance, high light fastness and UV… Read More »outdoor polyester thread

Upholstery Thread

Sealing Thread is generally used as a portable slow sealer. Bonded Nylon Thread Characteristics of Slit Thread:Strong industrial Sealing Thread, pure white color, high strength, light weight, soft product, fine and uniform no knot head, with acid and alkali resistance, no moth, no moth and so on. Bonded Polyester Thread Application of the sealing line:Superior Threads carries a selection of… Read More »Upholstery Thread

Thread for sewing leather

Waxed Sewing Thread Industrial sewing machine thread has high strength, suitable for all kinds of heavy leather, high strength is not easy to break, yarn has no joint, reduce equipment damage, improve sewing performance, thread tight, perfect appearance of sewing products, continuous sewing, the yarn on a large number of silicon wax, continue to cool the needle, so that sewing… Read More »Thread for sewing leather

Braided Polyester Thread

Description The Braided Thread is woven from polyester or nylon filaments with strict quality requirements and a slow production process. The color is customized according to customer requirements. Lubricated braided sewing threads can be used for machine sewing or hand sewing, and waxed braided sewing threads are mainly used for hand sewing. Its characteristics are: wear resistance, large pulling force,… Read More »Braided Polyester Thread

Bag closing thread

Description Polyester Bale Sewing Thread is produced and processed from polyester spun fiber. Bale Sewing Thread has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in chemical fertilizer, chemical, cement, feed, grain, tent, mattress and other industries. It is used for packaging sealing and sewing. Features: Long service life Easy to use Fine finish… Read More »Bag closing thread

Bale sewing thread

Features: — no pilling — high strength — good evenness — excellent quality — corrosion resistance More Information: We are professional in producing many kinds of yarns, such as sewing thread, DTY, polypropylene yarn and so on. Our products have been sold to many countries, such as Turkey, Uzibekistan, Russia, etc. Bale sewing thread is made of 100% polyester and… Read More »Bale sewing thread