waxed polyester threads

0.8mm Waxed Polyester Threads

About The Specifications: This thread’s specification is a few of the above shown by default. The length of the thread can be made according to the customer’s requirements. We will meet the customer’s requirements as far as possible according to the size of the machine. About The Color Of The Product: There may be a slight error between the color… Read More »0.8mm Waxed Polyester Threads

Mark thread

Description: Waxed Polyester Thread called the Mark thread. Mark thread is characterized by the use of polyester filament or staple fiber, nylon filament and other materials to be woven by the horse weaving machine, so it is called the horse line, according to the adjustment of the horse machine. Mark thread can be made into 8 groups, 12 groups, 16… Read More »Mark thread

1mm waxed polyester threads

Description: Braid thread is made by braid machies, the material is polyester .Every ply is more than 7.5g/d high tenacity filament polyester by twisting, dyeding, shaping. Braid thread be through wax process ,to be waxed braid thread . Featureis almost like Braid thead ,but in order to hand sewing more smoothly, more people like to choose waxed thread. Application: The… Read More »1mm waxed polyester threads