Polyester DTY twisted yarn

Polyester DTY twisted yarn

Polyester DTY twisted yarn is a kind of textured yarn of polyester fiber, which is made of polyester chip (PET) as raw material, which is made of high speed spinning polyester pre oriented yarn (POY).Polyester DTY twisted yarn has the advantages of short process, high efficiency and good quality.Polyester DTY twisting yarn is a continuous or simultaneous stretching machine and a finished product after twisting processing.


Polyester DTY twisted yarn features
Polyester DTY twist yarn has the advantages of high strength, high elastic modulus, good thermal stability, good elasticity, heat resistance, light resistance, good corrosion resistance, easy to wash and quick drying.Polyester DTY twisted yarn has high bulkiness, good thermal insulation, comfortable handle and soft luster.

Polyester DTY twisted yarn application
Polyester DTY twist yarn according to the national standard GB/T14460-93, it can be made of pleated skirt, pleated long.When wearing polyester DTY products should try to avoid cigarette butts, sparks and other touch.

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