Curtain fabric twist yarn
  • Curtain fabric twist yarn can be produced with low twist, high twist (60 twist, -1800 twist). It is suitable for warp weft;
  • Single strand and multi ply yarn twisting, joint tension control is moderate, providing guarantee for back twisting;
  • Curtain fabric twist yarn fixed weight length, twist / uniform tension, no oil, no filament, constant tension unwinding, low loss;
  • from raw materials into the factory to detect the production of packaging, strict control of each step, the rate of finished products to the best;
  • Setting up modern testing center to provide more comprehensive test report;
  • The NC Shaping, from low temperature to high temperature, tube inner and outer layer of uniform heating, no difference between layers;
  • The automatic packing machine, according to the yarn weight and product packaging division;
  • Curtain fabric twist yarn can be developed according to customer’s sample.