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Spun Polyester Thread

spun polyester thread
spun polyester thread
spun polyester thread
spun polyester thread
spun polyester sewing thread
spun polyester sewing thread
spun polyester sewing thread
spun polyester sewing thread
spun polyester sewing thread
spun polyester sewing thread

Spun polyester sewing thread

Hongfeng Etlehn® staple spun polyester sewing thread is made of high-quality fiber. With excellent seam strength and appearance, Hongfeng Etlehn® is widely used in all kinds of industries.

Etlehn® Staple Spun Polyester Sewing Thread Parameters


The standard for color fastness of spun polyester sewing thread

International standardNameDegree of staining
ISO 105 C10Wash  FastnessGrade 4
ISO 105  X12Rub FastnessGrade 4

Colorfastness test of Etlehn® Staple Spun Poyester Sewing Thread

International standardSoap solutionTemperatureTimeDegree of staining
ISO 105 C105g/L60℃+/-2℃30MinGrade 4

Further Reading

spun polyester sewing thread

What is staple spun polyester sewing thread?

Staple spun polyester sewing thread is made by spinning or twisting shorter lengths of polyester fibers together. This is similar to how the cotton thread is made. These staple fibers are then twisted together to produce threads of the desired size. Spun polyester sewing thread has the appearance of cotton, but with more elasticity. Staple polyester sewing thread is economical to produce and is usually a low-cost thread. We do not recommend using polyester staple fiber for quilting, as it is not as strong as core-spun polyester thread, filament, or Trefoil polyester thread.

Application of Staple Spun Polyester Sewing Thread

Staple spun polyester sewing thread is the most versatile choice for general industrial sewing. It is commonly used in clothing, bedding, filters, awnings, patio furniture, upholstery, and many other applications.

For most garment applications, it can be used for hemming, quilting, and overlocking. Perfect for general garment sewing, garment making, and general sewing.

spun polyester thread
spun polyester thread

What is Staple Spun Polyester?

Staple polyester is a fiber obtained by spinning polyester (ie, polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short, which is polymerized from PTA and MEG) and then spun into tow and cutting.

PET is in the shape of rice grains or flakes, with various varieties and colors (usually, the main component of beverage bottles that we contact a lot is polyester, which is sliced ​​and generally produced through two main processes pre-spinning and post-spinning. According to different needs, polyester staple fibers of different specifications can be cut into different specifications in the post-spinning process, generally 4D-22D, and can be divided into two-dimensional and three-dimensional according to their curling conditions). 75% of the polyester is used for chemical fiber, and polyester staple fiber and polyester filament are manufactured according to the requirements of the textile industry.

What are the characteristics of staple spun polyester?

Abrasion resistance: The abrasion resistance of polyester is second only to nylon and ranks second among synthetic fibers.
Water absorption: polyester has low water absorption and moisture regain and good insulation performance, but due to low water absorption, static electricity generated by friction is large, and dyeing performance is poor.

Cotton Vs. Polyester Thread

There are key differences between cotton thread and polyester thread. Cotton thread is a little bit stronger than polyester thread and a lot softer. This makes it ideal for visible seams in your projects. The lack of stretch in the cotton thread also makes it ideal for quilting projects because it won’t lose its shape. Polyester thread has a little bit of stretch to it, so anything you are sewing to wear should be made with polyester or nylon thread.

Cotton Threads

Mercerized Cotton Thread – 100% cotton thread that is still silky smooth. Mercerized cotton or Egyptian cotton goes through a specialized process that makes natural fibers more luminous and stronger. This thread is ideal for all sewing projects because it is strong and easy to work with.
100% Cotton Silk-Finish – ideal for sewing cotton and especially piecing and quilting since it is high strength and non-shrink; has a natural shine and is extremely soft
Fine Machine Embroidery Thread – perfect for any embroidery project, on batiste, tulle, linen, cotton, toweling, and more.

Polyester Threads

Spun Polyester Thread – makes smooth seams, and can be used on cotton, synthetics, mixed textiles, silk, or linen
PolySheen Polyester Thread – ideal for quilting since it is stronger than rayon
Metallic Thread – perfect for machine or hand embroidery, adds a metallic glow
Overlock Thread – this thread is best for sergers since it resists breakage and provides consistent tension