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Tex 30 Bonded Nylon Thread

Size 33 Bonded Polyester Thread
Size 33 Bonded Polyester Thread

Bonded Polyester Thread, Size 33/ Tex 30 / Ticket 80 / 100D/3

Tex 30 Bonded Polyester thread is is a smooth, bonded polyester outdoor thread that is perfect for sail, canvaswork, upholstery, gloves, and other products where you want the focus to be on the thread. It can replace a normal thread on a household machine with little or no tension adjustments.

Size 33/ Tex 30 / Ticket 80 / 100D/3 Bonded Polyester Thread also known as Government AA or CBB33, this thread has a break strength of 5 lbs and the minimum needle size is #80/12. Spools are 250g (8 oz/1/2 lbs). Black and white can also come in 500g (16 oz/1 lb). Each 250g spool contains approximately 7000 meters, and 500g spools contain approximately 14,000 meters.

Doyte® plus Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread Parameters

10Tkt 2505,000M13063020<2.5<1.0
12Tkt 2003,000M18392019<2.5<1.0
18Tkt 1805,000M18092020<2.5<1.0
24Tkt 1203,000M254142019<2.5<1.0
30Tkt 0802,000M412217018<2.5<1.0
50Tkt 0602,000M610262019<2.5<1.0
60Tkt 0403,000M814423017<2.5<1.0
90Tkt 0302,000M974520019<2.5<1.0
135Tkt 0201,500M1661836019<2.5<1.0
150Tkt 0181,500M1954903022<2.5<1.0
180Tkt 0151,000M23051140022<2.5<1.0
270Tkt 010900M33471663023<2.5<1.0
350Tkt 008700M40531948028<2.5<1.0

RARoughness AverageBSABreaking Strength AverageEBAElongation at Break AverageDHSDry Heat ShrinkageBWSBoiling Water Shrinkage

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Tex 30 Bonded Polyester Thread
Tex 30 Bonded Polyester Thread


Size 33/ Tex 30 / Ticket 80 / 100D/3 Bonded Polyester Thread has high strength and stretch control, stability in sunlight (UVR), and resistance to needle heat, abrasion, saltwater, and mildew. This polyester thread very seldom frays at the needle eye, and the consistent bonded finish minimizes the need for continual machine tension adjustments.
  • Bonded thread, polyester
  • UV resistant
  • Left-twist thread
  • Heat and abrasion resistant
  • Mildew resistant
Ticket 80 Bonded Polyester Thread
Ticket 80 Bonded Polyester Thread


Hong Feng’s Doyte® plus is a bonded polyester thread with outstanding UV resistance suitable for outdoor applications such as marine, motorcycle seats and convertible cars. Weathering effects require products whose technical properties do not change over several years of weather exposure. Through modern processing technologies and the usage of special dyestuffs, both maximum tensile force and color fastness remain at a high level, even after 300 hours of testing.

This Tex 30 Bonded Nylon thread is ideal for use in domestic machines. It’s almost the same thickness as an all-purpose polyester thread, but it’s much stronger, making it ideal for bag-making! It can be used for the top thread and in the bobbin.

Standard for colour fastness of polyester filament thread

International standardNameDegree of staining
ISO 105 C10Wash  FastnessGrade 4
ISO 105  X12Rub FastnessGrade 4

Color fastness test of Doyte® Plus bonded polyester thread

International standardSoap solutionTemperatureTimeDegree of staining
ISO 105 C105g/L60℃+/-2℃30MinGrade 4

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