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polyester thread for sewing machine

polyester thread

What is Polyester Sewing Thread


Polyester is a kind of polymer fiber made by spinning, mostly referring to the fiber produced from ethylene phthalate as raw material, referred to as “PET” fiber.

Sewing machine polyester thread is the thread required for knitted clothing products. Sewing thread can be divided into three categories according to raw materials: natural fiber, synthetic fiber sewing thread, and mixed sewing thread. Sewing thread uses pure polyester fiber as its raw material.

Polyester sewing thread

Polyester sewing thread refers to sewing thread produced with polyester as raw material.

Features of Polyester Sewing Thread

Polyester sewing thread is made of polyester long fiber (CF polyester thread) or short fiber twist (Spun polyeter thread), wear resistance, low shrinkage, good chemical stability. However, the melting point is low, and it is easy to melt at high speed, block the needle eye, and easily break the thread. Due to its high strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage rate, good moisture absorption, and heat resistance, polyester sewing thread is resistant to corrosion, mildew, and insects. It is widely used in garment sewing of cotton fabrics, chemical fibers, and blended fabrics.

In addition, polyester sewing thread also has the characteristics of complete color and luster, good color fastness, no fading, no discoloration, and sun resistance.

Polyester vs Nylon

The difference between polyester sewing thread and nylon sewing thread, polyester ignites a lump, emits black smoke, smells not heavy, and has no elasticity.

Nylon sewing thread ignites a lump, emits white smoke, and has a strong smell when pulled up. Nylon sewing thread has high wear resistance, good light resistance, mildew resistance, coloring degree of about 100 degrees, and low-temperature dyeing.

Type of polyester sewing thread

Spun Polyester Thread

Hongfeng Etlehn® staple spun polyester sewing thread is made of high-quality fiber. With excellent seam strength and appearance, Hongfeng Etlehn® is widely used in all kinds of industries.

Spun polyester threads are made from staple fibers that are plied and twisted. Spinning 100% polyester staple fibers into yarns and then plying these yarns into a. sewing thread. Spun Polyester threads are normally made in a two or three ply.

Spun polyester threads give the look of a cotton thread, but have more elasticity. Spun polyester is economical to produce and is usually a low-cost thread.

We don’t recommend spun polyester for quilting, as it is not as strong as corespun, filament, or trilobal polyester threads.


CF Polyester Thread

Hongfeng Doyte® polyester filament sewing thread can provide excellent seam strength and appearance, and is widely used.

CF Polyester thread is a multitude of continuous filaments of polyester spun together to create smooth continuous threads.

  • Advantages: Excellent elongation (fibers can be stretched and recovered), smooth and fuzz-free, can be made into thick or thin threads.
  • Disadvantages: Not as strong as core yarn (when comparing yarns of the same size), finer filament yarn may require tension adjustment.


Core Spun Polyester Thread

Hongfeng Villtex® Poly/Poly Core Spun Thread can be used in a wide range of fabrics from silks to high-performance materials.

With the advantage of excellent seam strength and superior low friction lubrication, Hongfeng Villtex® can enhance the appearance of sewn products and significantly improve the productivity and performance of the sewing production line.


Textured Polyester Thread

Hongfeng Mossi®SE is a textured polyester thread. With excellent seam coverage and appearance, Hongfeng Mossi®SE is widely used in overlocking, serging, and cover seaming.