we can offer our customer with the nylon twine, pp twine, polyester twine, PE twine and so on.

material: pp twine (polypropylene)


colur: asper customers’ request

packing: hank, spool, reel

Fishing twines are thin cords/ threads made by twisting and plying multi-filaments of yarn together for better strength. They are made with Nylon, PP or Polyester multifilament yarns and are packed on cheese or in hanks.

They find use in sewing, stitching, and mending of fishnets and other household and industrial purposes.

210D/18 White Polyester Fishing Twine

Available in Big Knotless package.

High-quality product, with smooth and soft finishing. (Samples available on request.)

Available in multiple packaging options and custom colors

Very competitive pricing.

210D/18 White Polyester Fishing Twine