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The characteristic of polyester embroidery thread is that it can withstand chemicals and wash clothes frequently to reduce the fading and discoloration of clothes. Therefore, many hotel uniforms, some stone-ground blue jeans, sportswear or some children’s clothing are made of polyester yarn .

Features Of Polyester Embroidery Thread
Features Of Polyester Embroidery Thread

In general, polyester embroidery thread is tougher and stronger than rayon embroidery thread. When performing machine embroidery, the polyester embroidery thread can withstand the higher tensile force of the embroidery machine, which can make the machine run faster; and its fire resistance is very high, even if the polyester is close to the flame, it is not easy to catch fire.

The thread of polyester yarn is not as stable as rayon. Because the constituent is polyester fiber yarn, it is more elastic. We can cut the rayon thread for a test, pull the thread with a little force, and then let go. We will find that the embroidery thread will not shrink much; on the contrary, pull the polyester embroidery thread in the same way. Once let go, the polyester embroidery thread will Restore the original length, so there is a chance to cause the flower to wrinkle, so the embroidery thread tension adjustment setting needs to be more precise.

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Polyester Embroidery Thread

Features Of Polyester Embroidery Thread